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Ohio University has joined Handshake

Ohio University is now part of the Handshake community. Handshake is a modern platform for college recruiting. Handshake offers your team modern features like:

  • Managing all your campuses with one Handshake account, at no cost
  • A responsive, mobile experience—update your job postings, view applicants, and more, all while on the go

Signing up is easy and takes less than five minutes. Want more information? Visit Handshake's Employer Site.

Account Review Process

All account registrations are reviewed by our staff. Registrations must include all required information, as indicated during the application process. CLDC staff will follow up once the registration as been reviewed and a decision has been made.

Please allow two - three business days for this process.

Job Post Review Process

In order to ensure quality of opportunities posted through Handshake, our staff reviews all job postings. We will follow up once the posting has been reviewed and a decision has been made.

Please allow two–three business days for this process.

Any questions, can be directed to our Recruiting Coordinator.

On-Campus Interviewing

Boost your connections with OHIO students through on-campus interviewing. Maximize your time and budget by meeting numerous motivated students at once. Enjoy the comfort of a private interview space, the support of our staff, and access to our employer lounge.

On-campus interviewing is scheduled through Handshake. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. If you need to interview outside that period of time, we can arrange for other space on campus. Please contact our Recruiting Coordinator to make arrangements.

Explanation of On-Campus Interviewing Terms and Schedules


If you are interested in managing your applicants in Handshake please use this option. Students that pass qualifications, as well as manually approved applicants are allowed to take slots.

Preselect to Alternative

If you are interested in managing your applicants in Handshake please use this option.  Primary and alternate student choices are selected after the application period. Primaries are allowed to sign up before alternates.

Room Only Interview

Use this option if you just want to reserve a room, but you want to build your own interview schedule. This will give students 14 days to apply for your position in Handshake. Please let us know if you would like to adjust that, by reaching out in the comments section.

Pre-night Info Sessions

Scheduled through Handshake, these sessions allow you to meet with candidates the night before the formal interview. The CLDC will arrange space on campus to host these events. Contact our Recruiting Coordinator.