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Excel in your professional career by developing leadership skills. We emphasize eight leadership skills carefully selected based on research into the qualities of leaders across an array of fields. The skills are self-awareness, team development, problem solving, interpersonal development, adaptability, well-being, intercultural competency and innovation.

Through a variety of opportunities, including leadership coaching and leadership development programs, you can identify the best way to foster these skills in yourself and reach your full potential.


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Leadership workshops and other career and leadership presentations can be requested by student groups, faculty and staff across campus.

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Enhance your skillset through career and leadership development training programs! Completing these programs is free and does not require workshop registration.

Career Readiness Training Program

Formerly known as Professional Leadership Certificate

Equip yourself with the tools and resources to be successful in the job and internship search process. By completing three career readiness workshops, a 30 minute career coaching appointment and a mock interview students can feel more confident about their career development and future success. The Career Readiness Training Program is free and does not require workshop registration.

Career Readiness Workshop Descriptions

Keys to Networking Success

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's not what you know; it's who you know"? Well, that is often true, but the statement should instead say, "It's not what you know; it's who you know, and what they know about you!"

This workshop will allow participants to reflect on their personal leadership brand and discuss how to leverage their individual leadership brands for professional networking. Participants will develop an elevator pitch and discuss how to utilize LinkedIn and informational interviews for networking success.

Creating the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

JOB SKILLS. TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS. ADAPTIVE SKILLS. Um, what? If you are not sure what these different skills are or how they relate to resume and cover letter, this workshop is a great fit for you. Sharpen your resume and cover letter knowledge by participating in this interactive workshop. Participants receive tips on the development of professional documents, learn how to personalize application materials to fit their unique style, and increase their understanding of the content that should (or should not) be included in a resume and cover letter.

Job Search and Interviewing

Are you clueless about how to find a job or an internship? Do you feel anxious about the interview process? This workshop will help demystify the job search process and help prepare participants for the job interviews. Explore resources to create a job search plan, and get tips for before, during, and after the interview.

21st Century Leadership Program

Formerly known as 21st Century Leadership Certificate

Engage in leadership discussions covering topics relevant to your experience at OHIO. Equip yourself with knowledge of leadership concepts that will prepare you to lead in today's global society. By completing three leadership development workshops and leadership coaching. The 21st Century Leadership Program is free and does not require workshop registration.

21st Century Leadership Workshop Descriptions

Understanding Ethics and Values

Knowing how your values and ethics influence your actions is the key to self-awareness. By working in small groups and assessing personal values, participants delve into the gray areas of ethical leadership. Participants will learn the power of values in decision making and the ethics that drive multidimensional communities through facilitated discussion and interactive group activities.

Understanding Team Development

Have you ever been part of an awesome team, and do you know what made it awesome? Learning the foundational knowledge of the natural life cycle of a team can benefit anyone at any level, especially those who have a desire to be part of an awesome team. This interactive workshop will empower participants to improve the functionality of any group or organization with whom they work by helping them understand how teams function and why they succeed or fail.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever overreacted to a situation or hurt someone's feelings unintentionally? Emotional Intelligence is described as the ability, capacity and skill to identify, assess, and manage emotions in a given situation. During this workshop, participants will learn to contribute to groups in an emotionally intelligent way and become more self-aware through "pair-and-share" active listening activities.

Additional Workshops by Request

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Strengths Workshop

The CLDC's Strengths Workshop offers the opportunity for in-depth reflection of an individual's Top 5 Strengths. All participants of this workshop will complete the online StrengthsFinder assessment prior to the session and engage in dynamic small and large group activities to better understand how to leverage their natural talents and build upon their strengths. Participants will also learn to articulate their personal Top 5 Strengths, incorporate their strengths into goal setting and discover the unique strengths of other participants.
Strengths is a 2-hour workshop with a fee of $20 per participant. The fee includes access to the online Strengths assessment and the customized workshop facilitation.

True Colors Personal Success

Engage participants in a creative exploration of personalities, by helping them learn about themselves and others through True Colors. Through various activities participants take part in self-reflection, team projects, and group discussion. This isn't your average personality workshop - True Colors is know for being fast-paced and fun! Participants will gain the opportunity to consider how personality impacts all the interactions in their lives. Participants will receive True Colors cards to keep and reference after the session.
True Colors is a 2 - 3 hour workshop with a fee of $20 per participant. The fee includes True Colors self-assessment materials and the customized workshop facilitation.

BaFa BaFa

Have you ever been in a group and felt like you were the outsider? Have you ever met someone who was in an unfamiliar place with no understanding of the rules or culture? BaFa BaFa is a cross cultural simulation workshop that is geared to help students explore the cultural differences in societies and the powerful effect culture has on every person's life. This workshop requires that two classroom spaces be reserved.
BaFa BaFa is a 2.5 hour workshop that cannot be split over two class periods. 

LinkedIn Workshop

Do you know how to effectively use LinkedIn? LinkedIn is often the first social media platform used by employers and recruiters to screen potential candidates. This workshop examines how to best use this platform to build your network, appear in numerous employer and recruiter searches, and translate past and current experiences into future job and transferrable skills.
LinkedIn is a 1 hour workshop. 

CLDC 15 Minute Overview Presentation

Encourage awareness of the CLDC and our many resources. This 15-minute introduction to the Career & Leadership Development Center explores the variety of services and resources offered by the CLDC, including an overview of coaching services, leadership workshops, and career events.
Students will leave this presentation with an understanding of how to engage with the CLDC and how our services and resources best fit their needs.


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