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Alternative Assignment

COMS Research Participation (Research Pool) Alternative Assignment

If you are 17 or younger or if you are not able or do not wish to participate in the research study to which you are assigned, you may complete the alternative assignment, which is a series of questions about a research article. You can sign up for the alternative assignment via the CSRPS/Sona. To complete the alternative assignment, you will review a communication research study from a peer-reviewed journal and then complete the alternative assignment document. You may choose among the research articles provided below.

The purpose of the summary is to demonstrate that you have read and understand the research article. At the top of the alternative assignment form (PDF), include your name and e-mail address and the full citation information of the article you read. The summary must be typed. You must turn your paper in to the researcher (i.e., not your instructor) by the study close date to receive the 1.5% credit. The study close date will be provided to you by the researcher for your study. If you were not assigned to a study, you must give your summary to the administrator ( by the Sunday of the 13th week of class. Papers received after this date will not receive credit. 

Any summary that is entirely or partly copied word-for-word from a research article (or from another student) will not receive credit. This is plagiarism, which is a very serious academic offense.

Read one of the articles below and complete the alternative assignment form (PDF).