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Tanveer Ahmed Khan, M.A.

Tanveer Ahmed Khan, 2021-2022 Doctoral Cohort
Fall 2021 Cohort
RTVC 181

Research Focus: Health Communication, Cultural Inclusion

Tanveer Ahmed Khan (M.A., Communication and Development Studies, Ohio University) is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his undergraduate and first graduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Before joining Ohio University, Tanveer worked for several non-profit organizations for around 10 years as communication professional in different capacities focusing on strategic and behavior change communications. Involvement in various health projects in his professional career provided Tanveer with valuable opportunities of working with vulnerable rural and urban sub-populations to improve their quality of health and overall wellbeing. Before joining the Health Communication PhD program at OU, Tanveer worked as a Behavior Therapist for “I am Boundless,” a Columbus, Ohio-based non-profit organization serving individuals with autism and developmental disability. Tanveer is particularly interested in pursuing research to investigate the differential impacts of social determinants of health on ethnically and culturally marginalized sub-populations in the US. The intended investigation may eventually culminate in studying how these differential impacts guide health communication professionals to deploy culturally appropriate persuasive strategies to bring intended health outcomes. Tanveer’s main hobbies are traveling to the mountainous parts of the US, and listening music.


Pronouns: He/his