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Oum Nuh, M.A.

Oum Nuh Fall 2021 Cohort
Fall 2021 Cohort
RTVC 197

Research Focus: Rhetoric & Culture

Oum Nuh attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a BA and Masters in Communication along with a graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies and Rhetorical Leadership. Oum’s work looks at the ideological presuppositions and actions that repeat across civilizations arguing that, in part, current individual, cultural, and political tensions arise from bani Adam's (as) perpetual nature of forgetting. Oum’s research subsequently draws on theories of memory, the works of al-Kindi, Sharaf al-Mulk, Imam Al-Ghazali and Cicero, along with thought leaders such as Zara Faris and Daniel Haqiqatjou.