Roshni Ashiq MBBS., M.S.

Headshot of Roshni Ashiq
Fall 2021 Cohort

Specialization: Health Communication

Dr. Roshni Ashiq (MBBS, MS in Public Health) completed her bachelors and masters from Karachi, Pakistan and was previously working as Senior Coordinator in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Component at national level NGO, named as Aahung. She has been a gender and SRH advocate since the time she started to serve in the domain of public health. This led her to develop her approach to critically question the procedures of medical field, health care system and the suffering of marginalized groups which made the country advocacy network to nominate her for the Youth Advocacy Institute held at Continent level. Roshni had been critically engaged in the discussions of medical ethics which made the management of a tertiary care hospital to include her in their ethics committee. She had been a speaker at various multi-disciplinary platforms where her views on gender equity, gender based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights of all people especially women and vulnerable communities are welcomed and appreciated. Her exposure to field have provoked her thoughts regarding how the health care system of her country is still under developed and how the health communication field is still nascent in its concept. That is why she designed her career path as she was always dedicated and passionate about learning PhD in Health Communications which would enable her to better communicate her thought process. She aims to implement her academic discourse in decision-making approach pertaining to health care in her professional lives. Roshni believes that by questioning one’s decision would ultimately enhance the intellectual capacity to refine the approach and fulfil vacuum to positively communicate the refinements required in the medical field of Pakistan. She is very keen to drive for hours despite the scorching heat of Karachi. Roshni is looking forward to moving to Athens and explore her personality thereby; contributing in a healthy manner to effectively improvise the health communication system in her country.

Pronouns: She/her