Ohio University

Rita M. Ng, Ph.D.

Rita M. Ng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – Zanesville
Elson Hall 111

Dr. Rita Ng has joined Ohio University, Zanesville since 1999 and is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at OUZ. Currently, she serves as program coordinator and advisor of the Communication Studies Club (COMS Club). The goals of the COMS Club are to provide professional and personal development opportunities for students interested in Communication Studies through leadership and networking where students can apply and enhance communication skills critical to work and life. Her teaching includes: COMS 1030 (Public Speaking), COMS 1100 (Communication between Cultures), COMS 2060 (Communication and Relationship), COMS 2020 (Communication and Persuasion), COMS 3500 (Intro to Org. Communication), COMS 3501 (Advanced Org. Communication), COMS 4920 (Communication and Campaign), COMS 4100 (Cross-cultural Communication), and others. Dr. Ng publishes her research and has been an active participant in international communication conferences and the National Communication Association Conventions. Her research interests include Confucianism, Ethics, Leadership, Power and Influence, Culture and Family.

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