Angela M. Hosek, Ph.D.

Angela M. Hosek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor | COMS 1030 (Public Speaking) Course Director
Schoonover Center 403

Angela M. Hosek (Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln) is an Associate Professor, COMS 1030 Course Director in the School of Communication Studies, and Director of the School’s Graduate Teacher Training Academy. Her research interests focus on investigating the extent to which social group categorization and membership impacts relational functioning as people communicate to create, negotiated and express their identities. She has examined these processes in instructional contexts as the relate to student-teacher success, pedagogical strategies, and student-teacher relationships. She also explores narrative sense-making surrounding women’s health and well-being related to birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Overall, her research and teaching interests bring together content areas and theories of instructional communication, communication education, intergroup communication, and interpersonal/family communication.

Dr. Hosek has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and edited books including Communication Education, Communication Quarterly, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Basic Communication Course Annual, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Health Communication, the Sage Handbook of Family Communication, Communicating Intimate Health, Journal of Family Communication, Women and Language, and Constructing motherhood and daughterhood: Communicating across generations. Dr. Hosek is a co-author of Human Communication (McGraw Hill) and a co-editor of The Handbook of Instructional Communication (Kendall Hunt). Dr. Hosek is the current editor of the Basic Communication Course Annual and an associate editor for Communication Education

She teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in interpersonal communication, family communication, intergroup and social identity communication, mother-daughter communication, intimate relational communication, and instructional communication/pedagogy. Dr. Hosek has been twice named an Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award (2020, 2016) by the graduate students in the School of Communication Studies and she is a Bruning Teaching Academy Fellow (2015-2016).

Dr. Hosek is a triathlete and enjoys dancing, running, learning to crochet, handlettering, wax stamp crafts, and renovating her home with her husband Tim and her four children Lillie, Ayden, Genevieve, and Luke. She is a native New Yorker and loves pizza and popcorn.

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