15.005: Educational Telecommunications Services




March 31, 2003

Initiated by:

Carolyn Bailey Lewis | Director of the Telecommunications Center

Reviewed by:

Herman ("Butch") Hill | Chair, Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Kathy Krendl  | Dean, College of Communication

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp  | Provost

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  1. Purpose

    To provide the policy and procedure for requesting Educational Telecommunications services.

  2. Policy

    Educational Telecommunications services are provided to members of the University community at no cost on a priority basis, given the limitations of budget, personnel, facilities, and time conflicts. The listing below reflects these priorities.

    In addition, center personnel will assist faculty members in locating and acquiring (at no cost to the department) limited amounts of radio and television (not film) program material appropriate for use in their classes. All program requests should be made at least one month in advance of intended use.

    Consultation on the purchase of television equipment is also provided. See Policy 15.001, "Acquisition and Maintenance of Television Systems."

    1. Class use

      Instructional use of the telecommunications center facilities (for both recording and playback) is provided for classes listed in the current "Schedule of Classes." Assistance in relocating classes to television-equipped rooms is also provided.

    2. Student production or research

      Limited use of production and playback facilities will be provided at no cost for valid projects for credit. Requests of this nature must be discussed with the Director of Educational Telecommunications prior to the submission of a formal request, which must have the approval of the faculty member involved.

    3. Faculty Research

      Limited use of production and playback facilities will be provided for faculty members desiring to do research utilizing the radio or television medium. Services of this nature must be discussed with the Director of Educational Telecommunications prior to the submission of a formal request. It may be necessary for the department involved to share the related costs, depending on the scope of the proposed project.

  3. Procedures

    1. Who should make the request

      Faculty members are responsible for making all requests for instructional telecommunication services. Only those requests made by the officer of instruction responsible for the particular course or program involved will be honored.

    2. Requesting CCTV service

      Request playbacks and recordings by calling the Media Distribution Supervisor.

      1. Requests for services must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to intended use.

      2. Provide the following information:

        1. Faculty member making request

        2. Nature of request (videotape playback or recording)

        3. Course number and title

        4. Date and time requested

        5. Location of class (relocation of class to TV-equipped room will be handled by Educational Telecommunications personnel)

        6. Class enrollment

    3. Major radio or television production efforts

      Requests for a series of studio productions, remote production work, etc., may be accommodated if the budget for a given fiscal year permits. Faculty and administrators must make such requests well in advance of the academic year when the project is to be initiated so that the Director of Educational Telecommunications may request funding for such projects. The cost of major services which were not anticipated in the Center budgeting for a given fiscal year will be charged to the academic area making the request. Estimates will be provided.

    4. External funding

      Faculty members requesting any form of radio or television utilization for a project receiving funds from outside of the University will be expected to share the related costs. Faculty submitting grant applications which include radio or TV services should contact the Director of Educational Telecommunications for assistance and estimates.

    5. Other services

      Requests for services for other than CCTV use should be made of the Director of Educational Telecommunications.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Director of Educational Telecommunications