09.900: Issuance of Identification Cards




February 23, 2017

Initiated by:

Joshua J. Bodnar | Director of Access, Transaction, and Video Services

Endorsed by:

Pam Benoit | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

David Descutner | Interim President

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  1. Overview

    This policy provides students, faculty, staff and guests with a means of personal identification that can also serve as certification of eligibility for university services.

    All members of the university community, including students, faculty, and staff are required to possess a valid identification card (ID card) for access to university facilities and services. Select guests and affiliates may also be required to obtain a university ID card for access to certain facilities and services as deemed necessary by the university. Identification cards are issued by the bobcat depot and regional campus service centers under the authority of the one card office. A government issued photo identification card (such as a driver's license) will be required to obtain an Ohio university identification card.

    The ID card photos are digitized and stored. Ohio university retains full rights to these photographs for use in administrative and identification functions. See also policy 91.003.

    Employees issuing ID cards on behalf of the one card office have the right to challenge the validity of any identification presented to obtain an Ohio university identification card if said identification appears altered, worn, unclear, photocopied, or issued by an unrecognized organization or institution. In these cases, an additional form of official ID (driver's license, unexpired passport, I-20, credit card with photo, or other government issued photo ID) will be required.

    Under no circumstances shall a student, faculty member, or staff member be permitted to wear any type of face covering, including veils, masks, or sunglasses, that covers any part of the face, during the photographing for an Ohio university ID card. Head coverings are allowed if dictated by generally acknowledged religious traditions, customs, or beliefs, and if said coverings do not obscure the face. If requested, privacy will be provided during the photographing process.

    The identification card is the property of Ohio university. Card holders must surrender the ID card if so instructed by an Ohio university official acting under the authority of the one card office, human resources, community standards and student responsibility, or the Ohio university police department. Separating employees must return any university issued ID cards to their supervisor as a part of their separation process. The individual card holder is responsible for protecting all services provided by that identification card. Card holders are not permitted to lend their ID card to others for any purpose.

    All contents of the ID card (including design, magnetic stripe, contactless chip, information, photographs, and graphic elements) are subject to the control of the one card office. Information on the ID card may not be reproduced, transmitted, stored, republished, re-written, or distributed in any form without the written consent of the one card office. Furthermore, the information encoded on the magnetic stripe and/or contactless chip may not be deconstructed or reverse-engineered and its elements may not be used for any purpose without the prior written consent of the one card office.

    In order to preserve the integrity of the data encoded onto the card, under no circumstances is it permissible for any person or persons, whether affiliated with Ohio university or not, to modify or duplicate the data encoded to the card during production.

  2. Card eligibility

    1. Employee

      A faculty or staff member must be actively employed (see also policies 41.012, 41.013, and 41.014). Retired faculty are eligible for an identification card upon written departmental approval.

    2. Student

      Certification of current student status establishes eligibility for an ID card and for university services. Such services include, but are not limited to, registration, dining hall meal plans, entrance to facilities, athletic events, social functions, health services, use of campus recreation facilities, and other university services. Students without proper identification may be denied service at the discretion of the appropriate university official responsible for the administration of the respective services.

    3. Guest/affiliate

      A guest or affiliate of Ohio university that requires an identification card in order to access certain facilities or services may obtain an ID card if sponsored by a university employee through the office of information technology's long-term guest account request and creation process.

  3. Card distribution

    1. Employee

      New faculty and staff members must complete the university human resources hiring process prior to obtaining their ID card. Contract personnel may present a copy of their current contract or appointment letter to obtain an ID card.

    2. Student

      ID cards will be issued to students at orientation and at other times announced by the one card office. Continuing students are to use the same card as used for their last term enrolled. A re-enrolling student that was previously issued an ID card will be charged a replacement fee if a new card is required.

      Regional campus students should contact the information technology or student services office on the regional campus they are attending to obtain an ID card.

      eLearning OHIO students should contact eLearning OHIO if they need an Ohio university ID card.

    3. Guest/affiliate

      ID cards will be issued to guests or affiliates by the bobcat depot or regional campus service center at the request of a sponsoring university employee. The sponsoring employee must complete a long-term guest account request with the office of information technology and receive the guest account information prior to sending the guest or affiliate to the bobcat depot or regional campus service center to be issued an ID card.

  4. Card replacement

    In the event an ID card is lost or stolen, the one card office should be notified immediately. Lost cards are frequently returned to the university and will be returned to the card holder upon the card holder's request in person at the one card office, bobcat depot, or regional campus service center.

    ID cards that need to be replaced due to extended use or age will be re-issued at a reduced rate as long as the defective card is turned in upon issuance of the new card. A full replacement fee applies for cards that have been lost or stolen. Current approved rates are published on the one card office website.

    Replacement cards will be prepared for students only upon verification of current enrollment.

    ID cards that need to be replaced due to legal (marriage, etc.) or preferred name changes or change in identification number will be replaced at no cost with the return of the old card. Students must first provide proof of the changed information through the office of the university registrar before a replacement ID card will be issued. Employees must first provide proof of the changed information through university human resources before a replacement ID card will be issued.

  5. Holding ID cards as collateral prohibited

    For the protection of the card holder and the university, no individual, department, faculty member, staff member, or representative of the university shall hold an individual's ID card as collateral or security. The ID card carries various financial features that can be compromised by having physical access to the card.

    Both online and offline options are available for recording ID card information. Contact the one card office to request assistance in developing a workable alternative to holding the physical identification card as a collateral.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Senior Associate Vice President for IT & Administrative Services

  2. Vice President for Student Affairs

  3. Chief Information Officer

  4. Chief Human Resources Officer

  5. Chief of Ohio University Police Department

  6. Associate Vice President for Auxiliaries

  7. University Registrar

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