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Ohio University prides itself on promoting a campus climate that supports personal growth and holistic development among students, faculty and staff. This environment should be free from fear from predatory behavior or micro-aggressions that contribute to a negative culture. As such, the Presidential Advisory Council on Sexual Misconduct was commissioned in Fall 2014.

The Presidential Advisory Council on Sexual Misconduct is charged to reinforce the existing cooperative approach to address sexual misconduct at Ohio University. The council makes ongoing efforts to review protocols, determine best practices, and plan processes and programs that support a healthy and positive campus climate. Priority consideration is given to grievance and adjudication processes, victim advocacy, risk reduction programming, campus climate assessment and outreach.

Council Membership

Title IX Strategic Advisory Group (Executive Steering Committee)


2018-2019 Co-Chairs:

  • Jenny Hall-Jones (Dean of Students' Office)
  • Kerri Griffin (Equity and Civil Rights Compliance)



  • Kim Castor (Survivor Advocacy Program)
  • Martha Compton (Community Standards and Student Responsibility)
  • Jessica Cook (ECRC)
  • Mat Hall (Campus Involvement Center)
  • Jennifer Kirksey (President’s Office)
  • Char Kopchick (Campus Involvement Center)
  • Carly Leatherwood (UCM)
  • Geneva Murray (Women’s Center)
  • Laura Myers (Provost’s Office)
  • Barb Nalazek (Legal Affairs)
  • Andrew Powers (Ohio University Police Department)
  • Laura Risler (Provost’s Office)
  • Barbara Wharton (Institutional Research)


Working Sub-Committees:

  • Climate Survey
  • Provention (Pro-active Prevention)
  • Policy/Procedures/Practices
  • Communications