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Confidential Resources

The following resources may be consulted in confidence:

Counseling and Psychological Services:

24/7 Crisis Intervention Service

CPS is staffed by clinical and counseling psychologists and licensed professional counselors. For students seeking help with sexual harassment or sexual assault issues, this office provides confidential counseling and psychological support to assist in understanding the wide range of feelings and experiences associated with these issues and in making decisions about whether one should take action. Services are available free of charge to all students.

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Campus Care (Student Health Center):


The physicians and nurse practitioners who staff Campus Care provide primary medical care. Such care includes the diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, gynecologic problems, testing and treatment of STIs, physical exams required for academic courses, and the suture repair of minor lacerations.

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Survivor Advocacy Program (SAP):

24 Hour Hotline: 740-597-SAFE (7233)

The Survivor Advocacy Program (SAP) provides immediate crisis intervention and advocacy services to all student survivors at Ohio University and the people in their lives who have been impacted by the trauma. SAP is staffed by licensed professionals who utilize a survivor-centered approach which means the survivor is in control at all times. They can help survivors understand their reporting options and the resources available to them. 

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Employee Assistance Program:


Provides 24-hour crisis assistance for employees and referrals for medical and counseling services.

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