Graduate College Forms

Online students enrolled in graduate programs can find forms relevant to graduate programs on the Graduate College's site.

Graduate College Forms

Financial Aid

Students who are financial aid recipients pursuing a bachelor’s completion program in conjunction with a Community College Partner are required to complete a consortium agreement with the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships when planning dual enrollment for the same term.

eCampus Consortium Agreement Form


For students not currently enrolled who want to return to Ohio University.

Re-Enrollment Form


The Office of the University Registrar provides this online form.

Order Transcripts Online

Tuition Appeal

Contact your academic advisor to receive this form.

Tuition Appeal Form

Update Program

This form is for undergraduate students to change, add, or drop majors and/or minors. This form is not to be used for change of academic career (undergraduate/graduate) or special student status.

Update of Academic Program

Withdraw from Courses

All students designated as eCampus should contact their advisor before withdrawing from a course. The Office of the University Registrar provides this online form to online degree completion students and online RN to BSN students. Your current campus must be ECAM (eCampus) to use the form. If your current campus is not ECAM, you will be redirected to find contact information for your college student services office.

Online Withdrawal Instructions