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Application open for presenters at 2020 Spotlight on Learning Conference

Published: January 16, 2020 Author: Emily Baxstrom

The Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee (TLAC), along with the Office of Instructional Innovation, is accepting applications through Feb. 14 to present at the 2020 Spotlight on Learning Conference, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29.

The conference co-sponsors invite proposals for sessions focused around a challenge or opportunity related to this year’s theme, “Teaching Connections,” such as Team-Based Learning and teaching approaches, dual-listed (under)graduate courses, collaborations between departments/programs/colleges/campuses, or any other creative solution faculty have explored in their teaching practice.

“Any type of experience that relates to interdisciplinary collaborations can fit this year’s theme, such as innovative ways to connect to OHIO’s vibrant communities, or strategies to assess students’ success and transformation,” said Tim Vickers, director of the Center for Teaching & Learning. “Inspired by President Nellis’s Strategic Framework Themes, we wanted to focus on the connectedness of place to people and community, knowledge to application, and careers to the world.”

This all-day conference will showcase best practices from across the University community in concurrent sessions centered on teaching, learning, and assessment strategies that strengthen the student experience. All OHIO faculty and staff are invited to attend and participate.

“Each year, the Spotlight on Learning Conference allows faculty and staff to share ideas that advance the TLAC’s goal of cultivating a commitment to exceptional practices and continuous improvement in teaching, learning and assessment across Ohio University,” said Katie Hartman, associate professor of marketing and co-chair of the TLAC. “Our goal with this year’s theme is to encourage faculty and staff to share their approaches, strategies and tools for teaching learners how to understand and create connections between the self and others, people and places or theory and practice.”

If interested in presenting at the conference, fill out the application form by Feb. 14. For additional information, visit the event web page, or email the Office of Instructional Innovation at oii@ohio.edu. Registration to attend the conference is forthcoming.