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Human Resources shares flexible work schedules and spaces guidelines

Published: November 26, 2019 Author: Staff reports

With the upcoming holiday season rapidly approaching, University Human Resources (UHR) would like to take this opportunity to remind employees and departmental leaders of the guidelines surrounding flexible work schedules and flexible work spaces.

In addition to the annual notice surrounding Winter Break Closure, UHR has provided updated guidelines pertaining to policies 40.053 and 40.063 which, combined, address the flex options for administrative and classified non-bargaining unit staff.

The University recognizes the positive impacts flexibility in the workplace has on recruitment, retention, morale, engagement, and productivity. Given the mutually beneficial impact to both employees and the institution, supervisors and department/planning unit heads are strongly encouraged to utilize flex agreements as outlined below wherever possible.

As departments prepare for the holidays, it is important to note that the university’s official hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all non-closure days. While departments are required to maintain at least minimal coverage during standard hours of operation, they are encouraged to provide equitable flex and paid time off opportunities, especially during peak holiday and vacation periods.

Recognizing that front-facing roles are inherently more difficult to adjust with any flex arrangement, departments are encouraged to promote strategies such as cross-training and/or rotational coverage schedules (e.g. pre-determined coverage for day before and day after holidays that rotates among a group of staff holiday-to-holiday or year-to-year to more consistently allow and promote flex opportunities for departmental staff). Such planning may take unique forms such as cross-training staff not normally in front-facing roles or sharing services with another department, which in turn better ensures coverage options.

The updated guidelines, available on the UHR website, provide guidance to both employees and departmental/planning unit leadership regarding the initiation, approval, and management of flex arrangements. For additional guidance, questions, or concerns, please contact your HR Liaison.