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40.053: Flextime and Flexplace Scheduling for Classified Staff




October 1, 2002

Initiated by:

James E. Kemper | Assistant Vice President for Administration for Human Resources

Reviewed by:

Nancy Prichard Crist | Chair, Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary North | Vice President for Administration

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp | Provost

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  1. Overview

    Ohio university endeavors to foster a work environment that maximizes productivity and morale. The purpose of this policy is to allow an Ohio university classified civil service employee to be given fair consideration in modifying their work schedule and work site. This modification is to accommodate a temporary need of the employee.

    Ohio university's flextime and flexplace work schedule allows classified civil service employees, who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, latitude in scheduling their work hours and worksite within specified limits. These limits, as well as the implementation of this policy, continuance of the flextime and flexplace arrangement, discontinuance, or modification of the flextime and flexplace arrangement is at the discretion of the individual planning unit head (see part (C) of this policy). Upon approval of a flextime or flexplace arrangement by the planning unit head, the chief human resource officer will review it to assure consistency and fairness throughout the university.

  2. Discussion

    Employees in each planning unit can seek consideration for use of this policy by submitting their written request to their immediate supervisor and allowing the flextime supervisor to work with their appropriate department head, director, and eventually with the planning unit head. The written request must contain the rationale for requesting flextime or flexplace. This written request must be sent through the channel of command to the appropriate planning unit head. If a flextime arrangement is approved by the appropriate supervisor, department head, director, and the planning unit head, the planning unit head will forward the information to university human resources. The planning unit head and the employee will then receive a written response from university human resources with a copy to appropriate planning unit staff. This written response will include the rationale for allowing, or not allowing, the request.

    When making a decision about flextime implementation, the planning unit head must first consider the needs of the department. These needs are to include adequate staff coverage sufficient to meet the operating requirements of the department and user departments. Not every request for flextime scheduling will be possible. To assure consistency and fairness in implementation, the chief human resource officer must review each flextime scheduling request that has been approved by the planning unit head. The chief human resource officer will insure that flextime is administered consistently and equitably throughout the university at large. The chief human resource officer will also insure that flextime schedules conform to appropriate federal, state, and local laws and university policy and needs. University human resources shall be available to offer advice and counseling concerning the department's implementation of this policy.

    The positions most likely to be given favorable consideration are those that are very structured and where the output is more easily measured and predictable, e.g., budget or financial related, data entry, writer or editor, etc. For purposes of this policy, standard work hours at the university are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    In an effort to accommodate an employee's personal needs, supervisors, department heads, directors, and planning unit heads are encouraged to allow the use of flexplace when it would help an employee better accommodate personal needs and where the arrangement would not adversely effect productivity of the employee's department or the ability of the department to provide personal services for its clients and customers. In some departments, work schedules and the need for team coordination may render flexplace impractical. When job responsibilities and opportunities for adequate supervision permit, working at home or other alternate locations may be incorporated within a flexplace arrangement. In all cases, flexplace schedules will be authorized only under extraordinary circumstances by the planning unit head, in consultation with the chief human resource officer.

    Flexplace recommendations should be requested for a specific period of time (not to exceed twelve months) and should include defined standards of performance which assure that the work done off premises is equal to a regular on-site workload. Quality and quantity of work production should be evaluated periodically to assure proper functioning of the program. The chief human resource officer shall insure that the policy is fairly and equitably implemented within the context of the entire university. The university human resources office shall be prepared to offer the requesting department assistance in drafting the individual arrangements and procedures.

  3. Planning units

    The list of planning units changes too often to be reasonable to maintain as an explicit part of this policy. Instead, it is the responsibility of the office of budget planning and analysis to maintain the list online, linked from http://www.ohio.edu/finance/budget.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Budget Director

  2. Classified Senate

  3. Planning Unit Heads