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Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition: Reality Jigsaw

Reality Jigsaw

The Ohio University School of Art + Design is excited to host the undergraduate thesis exhibition of Ashley Moore (Painting + Drawing), Sam Connor (Painting + Drawing), Matthew Lasekan (Painting + Drawing), and Aster Herring (Painting + Drawing), Kai Greenberg (Photography + Integrated Media), Nicholas Gagliano (Printmaking), and Nick Elam (Painting + Drawing) titled Reality Jigsaw, on view April 20 - 24, in the Trisolini Gallery, Baker Center, Athens, Ohio.

This thesis exhibition is an academic capstone required of all BFA undergraduates in finalizing their degrees. Reality Jigsaw illustrates self-realization through surrealist imagery and vibrant colors. Through drawing, painting, animation, and film, this group of student-artists challenge our conditioned perceptions of reality.

Ashley Moore’s work features a series of large mixed media pieces that create a surreal representation of the artist’s journey through tragedy, living with Graves’ Disease, and the complex emotions that stem from the knowledge of temporality.

Nicholas Gagliano’s screen-print work explores feelings of isolation, anxiety, disgust, and self-deprecation as expressed through surrealist doodle portraits. Coping with these strong feelings through absurd doodles is the first step in Gagliano’s practice after which they are processed into screen-prints.

Kai Greenberg’s submission to the Reality Jigsaw is an animated short film, An Ice Cold Sprite, about a haunted young rebel named Johnny D. Wallace. Through dark illustrations and unsettling photos this film is a comic book brought to life. It tells the story of a regular guy who gets a glimpse into another world where people live in misery and demonic creatures walk the streets. Is Johnny losing his mind or could all this be real? Only one thing is certain, he loves himself An Ice Cold Sprite!

Nick Elam’s installation, titled EXOTICA, is housed within the Cube 4 gallery located on Seigfred’s 4th floor. EXOTICA explores the concept of escapism and furthers the conversation regarding cultural appropriation within the realm of Tiki, Tropical Escapism, and Exotica. Several carvings and other works build the space alongside other collected works of historical importance and works from Polynesian descended artists.

Matthew Lasekan’s work is a comic, titled Shadewalker. It is about a young superhuman adult named Damian Parks who struggles to keep his morality while also trying to make money in a world where his only option is to do illicit activities.

Aster Herring’s set of illustrations offers a new and interesting setting with new friends to hang out with. Each work is a vibrant and highly detailed digital piece where a sense of familiarity with the characters is depicted.

Sam Connor’s work is comprised of a series of paintings and drawings that explore humanity’s relationship with media. Centered around both landscape and cityscape, his work conceptualizes one’s digital footprint as a physical environment through which to navigate.

A gallery talk with the student-artists presenting in Reality Jigsaw will be live streamed on Thursday, April 22 at 5 p.m. on the School of Art + Design’s YouTube channel. The exhibition can be viewed at Trisolini Gallery in Baker Center, 1 Park Place in Athens Tuesday, April 20 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday, April 22 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, April 24 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. For updates, follow the Ohio University Art Galleries on Instagram and Facebook @ohiouniversityartgalleries and on Twitter @ouartgallery.

This College of Fine Arts event is made possible through support from Arts for Ohio.

Contact: Courtney Kessel, Gallery Coordinator, kesselc@ohio.edu, 740-593-0796.

[PHOTO CAPTION: Digital Image-Show Promotional Poster; Courtesy of Kai Greenberg and Ashley Moore]