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Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations

Underground Storage Tanks at Ohio University

Ohio University most recently received the Green Buckeye Award for protecting Ohio's Environment in 2000 and 2001. Ohio University manages 10 underground storage tanks. Four are located at Gordan K. Bush Regional Airport. Three are located at Facilities Management's Transportation Services. One is located at Stocker Center. One is located at the power plant on the Ridges and one at building 19 on the Ridges. Ohio University reduced the number of underground tanks and installed the most environmentally safe tanks available. The tanks are steel with a 100 ml. polyethylene outer jacket. There is an interstitial space that contains leak detecting probes. The probes set off an alarm if any gas leaks from the inner-tank. Electronic fuel measuring and level sensing were installed to maintain a mass balance of fuel inventory as a secondary means of leak detection. Monitoring wells were also located at the site for visual inspection and sampling if all systems failed.

Ohio University participates in the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Fund as required by law, and has an Assurance Coverage Certificate. It is also required that the tanks be registered annually with the Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks.

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