Heating Plant

Lausche Energy plant provides essential services to Ohio University Athens campus through a network of utility distribution systems. Steam is provided at 125PSI and 15PSI year round. Steam is used primarily for heating but also provides thermal energy for the following: domestic hot water, chilled water [absorption and steam driven chillers], cooking, and sterilization. We generate steam in four boilers with a total output near 315,000 lbs/hr rated @125PSI. There are extensive water treatment processes in the plant and throughout the thermal distribution systems to maintain the distribution networks and generation equipment. The plant employs a staff of 15 bargaining unit members, a plant manager, and 2 students workers to provide 24/7/365 operation.

The plant has recently completed a major renovation that decommissioned coal boilers and installed gas/oil fired boilers. The last coal burned was Thanksgiving 2015.

Lausche Heating Plant

Connected to the boiler plant is the West Green Chilled Water Plant. This facility provides chilled water to campus from three separate 2500 ton chillers. This plant typically runs from March through December depending on weather. A new chilled water plant is under construction on the East side of campus that will run in conjunction with this plant. The new plant will add 2500 tons and be expandable to 7500 tons as campus loads increase.

Also adjacent to the Energy Plant is the campus electrical distribution system substation. We receive a dual feed of 69kV electricity from AEP Ohio and transform to 12.47 kV for campus distribution. At the building level we transform again to building level voltages for standard equipment.

Operating these distribution system saves the campus money on energy and maintenance costs while providing a higher level of reliability as compared to stand alone building systems.

Questions about the Energy Plant including information on guided tours can be directed to bowlingk@ohio.edu.