Building Facility Closure or Restricted Access

All building closures or restrictions (3 categories defined below) require VP/Dean review and approval.  VP/Dean approved requests for changes in facility operating conditions are to be shared with PC/Leadership.  Upon approval, requestor will submit work order to FM for implementation to include changes to electronic access and other associated controls.  Upon completion of the work order, FMS will post changes in building status to FMS website.

Please scroll below for the building listings:

Condition “Closed”:  In this case no one should have access without calling FMS in advance to schedule access.  This would enable us to maximize energy and service operational savings.  This could include residence halls with the caveat that live-in professional staff and faculty in residence living in apartments situated in “closed” hall will/can remain.  This status would enable FMS to maximize energy and service operational savings.   This could include facilities where the workforce is working at home for foreseeable future.

Condition “Restricted”:  This status means closed to visitors, both internal and external.  That is the building has offices that may be occupied, but no one external to the building occupants needs access.  In support of this operating condition, occupants could place signs on building doors with appropriate numbers to call to gain access.

Condition “Limited”:  The building is "closed to external community".  Alden library was using the approach when they proposed to operate such that all students, faculty, and staff would have access via swipe card entry, but no one else.

Building Lists:

Athens Campus


Building Name Status
29 Park Place Restricted
29 Park Place Carriage House Restricted
31 South Court Restricted
35 Park Place Closed
4 University Terrace Limited
8225 Dairy Lane House Limited
Academic & Research Center Restricted
Accelerator Pavement Load Building Limited
Adams Hall Limited
Airport Grounds Storage Limited
Airport Terminal Limited
Alden Library Restricted
Aquatic Center Open
Athena Theater Restricted
Avionics Lab/Fuller Training Center Restricted
Baker University Center Open
Baseball Practice Facility Closed
Bentley Hall Restricted
Bentley Hall Annex Restricted
Biddle Hall Limited
Bingham House Closed
Bio-Chemistry Building Restricted
Bird Arena Closed
Botanical Research Building Restricted
Boyd Hall Restricted
Bromley Hall Limited
Brown Hall Limited
Bryan Hall Limited
Bush Airport Maintenance Hangar Limited
Bush Airport T Hangar A Limited
Bush Airport T Hangar B Limited
Bush Airport Zero Hangar Limited
Bush Hall Limited
Business Annex Limited
Carin Strength Training Center Closed
Carr Hall Limited
Central Classroom Building Limited
Central Food Facilities Normal
Chessa Field Closed
Chessa Press Box Closed
Child Development Center Open
Chubb Hall Restricted
Clippinger Laboratories Restricted
Clippinger Research Annex Restricted
Composting Facility #1 Restricted
Composting Facility #2 Restricted
Convocation Center Restricted
Copeland Hall Limited
Crawford Hall Limited
Crewson House Restricted
Cutler Hall Restricted
Dougan House Limited
Driving Range Trailer Closed
Ecohouse Limited
Edwards Accelerator Restricted
Ellis Hall Restricted
Ewing House Limited
Facilities Shops 1 Restricted
Facilities Shops 2 Restricted
Facilities Shops 3 Restricted
Facilities Storage # 1 Restricted
Galbreath Chapel Restricted
Gamertsfelder Hall Limited
Glidden Hall Limited
Golf Course Closed
Golf Course Storage Building Closed
Golf/Tennis Clubhouse Open
Gordy Hall Restricted
Grosvenor Hall Limited
Grosvenor West Limited
Grover Center Restricted
Haning Hall Restricted
Hebbardsville Large Animal Facility Limited
Hoover House Limited
Hudson Health Center Normal
Human Resource & Training Center Restricted
Innovation Center Limited
Irvine Hall Limited
James Hall Limited
Jefferson Hall Restricted
Jennings House Restricted
Johnson Hall Limited
Kantner Hall Limited
Konneker Alumni Center Restricted
Konneker Research Center Limited
Lasher Hall Restricted
Lausche Heating Plant Restricted
Library Annex Restricted
Life Sciences Building Limited
Lin Hall Restricted
Lincoln Hall Limited
Lindley Hall Restricted
Living Learning Center Open
Lower Campus Grounds Building Restricted
Luchs Hall Limited
Mackinnon Hall Limited
Patton Hall Limited
McFarland Avionics Restricted
McGuffey Hall Closed
Mckee House Closed
Memorial Auditorium Restricted
Morton Hall Restricted
Multi-Phase Technology/Corrosion Center Restricted
Music Rehearsal Hall Limited
Nelson Commons Open
Ohio University Observatory Restricted
Parks Hall Normal
Peden Stadium Restricted
Peden Tower Closed
Perkins Hall Limited
Pickering Hall Limited
Pilcher House Restricted
Ping Center Open
Ping Cottage Closed
Porter Hall Limited
Pruitt Field Closed
Pruitt Field House Closed
Pruitt Press Box Closed
Putnam Hall Limited
Radio Transmitter Tower Restricted
Read Hall Limited
Research And Technology Center Restricted
Ridges Auditorium Restricted
Ridges Building 10 Restricted
Ridges Building 11 Restricted
Ridges Building 12 Restricted
Ridges Building 13 Closed
Ridges Building 14 Restricted
Ridges Building 16 Restricted
Ridges Building 17 Restricted
Ridges Building 18 Restricted
Ridges Building 19 Restricted
Ridges Building 2 Restricted
Ridges Building 21 Restricted
Ridges Building 22 Restricted
Ridges Building 24 Restricted
Ridges Building 3 Restricted
Ridges Building 30 Restricted
Ridges Building 31 Closed
Ridges Building 32 Restricted
Ridges Building 33 Restricted
Ridges Building 34 Restricted
Ridges Building 35 Restricted
Ridges Building 36 Restricted
Ridges Building 37 Limited
Ridges Building 38 Limited
Ridges Building 39 Limited
Ridges Building 4 Restricted
Ridges Building 40 Restricted
Ridges Building 45 Restricted
Ridges Building 5 Restricted
Ridges Building 6 Restricted
Ridges Building 7 Restricted
Ridges Building 8 Restricted
Ridges Building 9 Restricted
RTV Communications Building Limited
Ryors Hall Limited
Sargent Hall Limited
Schoonover Center Restricted
Scott Quadrangle Limited
Scripps Hall Restricted
Sculpture Studio Limited
Seigfred Hall Limited
Shively Hall Restricted
Sing Tao Center Restricted
Softball Stadium Closed
Sook Academic Center Restricted
South Green Fieldhouse Restricted
Sowle Hall Limited
Stocker Center Restricted
Surface Sciences Laboratory Restricted
Tanaka Hall Limited
Television Transmission Building Restricted
Tennis Center Closed
Tiffin Hall Limited
Treudley Hall Limited
Trisolini House Closed
True House Limited
Tupper Hall Restricted
University Garage Restricted
University Service Center Restricted
Voigt Hall Limited
Walter Fieldhouse Open
Walter Hall Restricted
Walter International Education Center Restricted
Washington Hall Limited
Weld House Limited
West Union Street Office Center Normal
Wilson Hall (College Green) Restricted
Wilson Hall (West Green) Limited
Wray House Limited
Wren Stadium Closed
Yamada House Closed

Chillicothe Campus

Building Name Status
32505 US RT 50 Horse Barn Normal
32505 US RT 50 House Normal
Bennett Hall Restricted
Bennett Storage Bldg. 2 Restricted
Ceramics Building Closed
Child Development & Family Service Center Restricted
Chillicothe Maintenance Bldg. Restricted
Shoemaker Center Closed
Stevenson Center Restricted
Tech Studies Storage Bldg. 2 Restricted
Tech Studies Storage Bldg. 3 Restricted
Tech Studies Storage Building 1 Restricted
Technology and Business Development Closed

Eastern Campus

Building Name Status
45045 Garage Restricted
45045 House Restricted
Belmont Technical College Building Closed
Brick Tavern Closed
Dysart Barn Normal
Dysart House Normal
Great Western School Closed
Health & Education Center Closed
Science & Engineering Building Closed
Shannon Hall Restricted
Storage Barn Restricted
Tractor Barn Restricted

Lancaster Campus

Building Name Status
Brasee Hall Restricted
Green House Restricted
Herrold Hall (Lancaster) Restricted
Pickerington Center 1 Closed
Pickerington Center 2 Normal
Pickerington Maintenance Building Closed
Storage Building 1 Restricted
Storage Building 2 Restricted
Storage Building 3 Restricted

Southern Campus


Building Name Status
1005 Kemp Lane Closed
1011 Kemp Lane Closed
1924 Tenth St Restricted
Academic Center Restricted
Campus and Community Center Closed
Child Care Facility Restricted
Collins Center Restricted
Dingus Technology Center Restricted
Greg Smith Hall Closed
Horse Park - Arena Closed
Horse Park - Breeding Barn Closed
Horse Park - Classroom Building Closed
Horse Park - Hay Barn Restricted
Horse Park - Rest Rooms Restricted
Horse Park - Riding Arena Closed
Horse Park - Stall Barn "C" Restricted
Horse Park - Storage Shed Restricted
Horse Park - Therapeutic Barn Restricted
Horse Park - Tractor Shed Restricted
Horse Park Stall Barn #7 Closed
Horse Park Stall Barn #8 Closed
Vern Riffe Center Restricted

Zanesville Campus

Building Name Status
Elson Hall Restricted
Herrold Hall (Zanesville) Restricted
Littick Hall Closed
Muskingum Recreation Center Closed
Rogge Nature Pavilion Closed

HCOM Dublin Campus 

Building Name Status
Dublin Anatomy Restricted
Dublin Integrated Education Center Restricted
Dublin MEB1 Limited
Dublin MEB2 Limited

HCOM Cleveland Campus

Building Name Status
HCOM Cleveland Limited