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Entrepreneurial Fellows

The Center for Entrepreneurship introduced its Entrepreneurial Fellows Program in January 2019.  This program was established and is sponsored by the center to help accomplish the center’s mission of supporting student entrepreneurs, innovators and activity throughout the entire University, in all of its forms.

The center has named an initial class of 7 Fellows, outside the College of Business and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs (its founding Colleges), who will act as champions of the center within their respective colleges.  These Fellows will help incorporate entrepreneurial themes into classes; identify and recruit students are good candidates to engage with the center and, perhaps, enroll in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program; promote center programming; and encourage the use of the new CoLab facility, dedicated to collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship, which located on the 3rd floor of Alden Library.

Our initial slate of Entrepreneurial Fellows come from 6 different University Colleges and are helping the center promote its current and future schedule of events (ie, the Business of Games Summit; Music Industry Summit).  The center hopes it can grow its roster of Fellows in future years and will seek funding to do so.

Please take the time to learn more about each of the Entrepreneurial Fellows by clicking on their names below.  If you want to suggest other OHIO faculty that would make good Fellows, please don’t hesitate to contact the center’s Director, Paul J. Mass (mass@ohio.edu) or its Associate Director, Paul Benedict (benedict@ohio.edu).






Nathan Andary Josh Antonuccio Bob Colvin Mark Franz
College of Fine Arts Scripps College of Communication College of Arts & Sciences College of Fine Arts
Nathan Andary
Josh Antonuccio
Bob Colvin
Mark Franz
Debra McBride Jesus Pagan Lisa Williams  
College of Health Sciences and Professions Russ College of Engineering Patton College of Education  
Debra McBride
Jesus Pagan
Lisa Williams