Bobcat Seed Fund

The Bobcat Seed Fund was created in 2018 to enable entrepreneurial minded students to take their ideas to the next level. Finding extra funds to build prototypes, secure a web domain, pursue intellectual property, or conduct customer validation can be hard on a college student’s budget. The Bobcat Seed Fund eliminates that barrier!

Seed funds, available in grants of up to $3,000, do not need to be paid back – these are for you to invest in your business! The Center for Entrepreneurship will not take equity in or ownership of your idea, either. We are here to help and support, not profit.

There are no limitations or preferences on the idea, type of business, or targeted industry. If you have an idea and a dream, you’re a perfect candidate. 

To apply, all you need is an idea, a feel for your target market and its size, some goals, and a description of how funds will be used. After you submit your application, the student-run Investment Committee will determine if your idea is a good fit for funding. If so, you will be invited to meet with the committee where you will pitch your idea and answer some clarifying questions. If not, you’ll receive feedback on how to improve your application and are encouraged to reapply.

The Bobcat Seed Fund is open to ANY Ohio University student and all are encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, meaning you can apply at any point in the year! If you have questions, think you could benefit from coaching, or need help filling out the application, email Krystal at

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Student Investment Committee

When a student applies to the Bobcat Seed Fund, the Student Investment Committee reviews it (usually within about a week). The Investment Committee decides whether to invite the student entrepreneur(s) to meet with the team and discuss their business in more depth. Typically, student entrepreneurs have about 10 minutes to present their business, followed by about 20 minutes of Q&A. Investment/grant decisions are typically made in the same semester a student applies. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis (there's no formal deadline). However, because of the nature of the academic calendar, decisions can be delayed if applications come in late in the semester. Earlier tends to be better. 

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About the Bobcat Seed Fund

ALL current Ohio University students are invited to apply for the Bobcat Seed Fund!! The Fund Provides grants to current Ohio University students or student teams who have an idea for or have started a business and can demonstrate the following:

  1. Business Description: A clear and concise statement of the business opportunity and idea
  2. Team: A talented founder or team of founders who can demonstrate commitment, relevant experience and skills, and passion for their business idea or proposal
  3. Value Proposition: A compelling statement of the business “value proposition.” Why should a customer buy this particular good or service? What is the unique or differentiating benefit to the target customer or market?
  4. Target Market: Description of the target customer or user and the size of the need or problem being addressed by the business. Why is this an attractive market (segment of users)? What market segments will you pursue?
  5. Goals: What are the short-term and long-term goals for the business? What milestones do you hope to achieve?
  6. Use of Funds: What is the proposed use of funds and what would the money, goods, or services help the team achieve? Examples might include legal or accounting services, creation of a prototype, website, or software development.
  7. Development to Date: What steps have you taken so far in developing this idea? Maybe you've launched a survey, made a rough prototype, or researched competitors. It's also okay if you're still in the idea phase!

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