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About the Bobcat Seed Fund

The Bobcat Seed Fund is a limited pool of money available within the Center for Entrepreneurship for grants to students or student teams who have identified a business opportunity or, preferably, have started a business already and can demonstrate several important things:

  1. Team:  A talented founder or team of founders who can demonstrate commitment, relevant experience and skill sets, and passion for their business idea or proposal
  2. Business Description: A clear and concise statement of the business opportunity and idea
  3. Value Proposition:  A compelling statement of the business “value proposition.”  Why should a customer buy this particular good or service?  What is the unique or differentiating benefit to the target customer or market?
  4. Use of Funds:  What is the proposed use of funds and what objectives would the money, goods or services help the team achieve?  Examples might be legal or accounting services; creation of a prototype; or software development

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Success Stories

To date, the Ohio University Bobcat Seed Fund has backed 11 student entrepreneurs. See below for their stories.


Application Review Process

The Center for Entrepreneurship has an Investment Review Committee made up of the director and associate director, a third faculty person housed in a University college or department relevant to the subject matter of a particular application, and a student(s) entrepreneur. The students and third faculty member of the committee will be chosen by the two Center directors upon initial review of the application. Part of the application evaluation process will include an in-person interview between one or more members of the committee and the applicants. These interviews not only offer an opportunity for the committee to ask questions and request additional information, but they also provide guidance and suggestions to the applicant prior to a decision. The committee’s evaluation will utilize, but not necessarily be limited to, the application criteria. The committee will follow-up periodically with all grantees of cash, goods or services to ensure that the grantee has done what they promised or proposed to do and understand what progress the grantee and business have made and next steps. If a grantee has not followed through as promised or has abandoned the business initiative, a grant agreement signed by the Center and the grantee will require the grantee to return the initial grant to the Center for Entrepreneurship. Any questions regarding the application process or the Bobcat Seed Fund itself may be directed to either of the Center directors.

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