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April 30, 2021
Entrepreneurship students reflect on a difficult year with optimism and resilience
The last year has been hard. Full stop. Some of us (I'd include myself) have been really lucky and have gotten through the pandemic largely unscathed. Others have suffered unimaginable pain -- lost loved ones, lost jobs and businesses, and more. Our hearts go out to everyone who's struggled in the last year.  And yet, in the face of these c...
April 30, 2021
OHIO students, Xavior and Ilyaas Motley, working to revolutionize protective gloves
Calling all culinary artists, medical workers, fashion gurus, and astronauts! You all wear gloves, right? Yep, that’s right. I said gloves. Twin brothers Xavior and Ilyaas Motley are Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Armadillo Protection, LLC, where they have been creating gloves that could be total game changers for multiple different industr...
March 10, 2021
Ornery Vets Cafe: New and Inclusive Cafe Stitched into the Fabric of Athens, OH
  Athens, OH is a quilt, and each person in the community is a colorful square knitted into it. From the undergrad students and the graduate students to the professors and the community members, from the business owners and artists with differing abilities to the veterans and the survivors--each one of us is a square in that quilt. Athe...
March 9, 2021
Paige Burger
 Meet Paige Burger, the graphic designer for the Center for Entrepreneurship. Paige is a Graphics Design major, with a minor in studio art. She is a part of the American Institute of Graphic Art and the undergraduate Art League. She is a strong leader on campus, too. Paige creates graphic design for her university housing ambassador positi...
October 27, 2020
Kieran Papalia
Meet Kieran Papalia, a student employee for the Center for Entrepreneurship. Kieran is a senior studying Management Information Systems (MIS), business analytics, and corporate finance. He is a member of the Financial Management Association, a team leader in Schey Sales Centre, and is in the Information System Analytic Professionals. He is also in ...
February 5, 2021
HOW TEAMWORK AND PASSION FOR MUSIC LED TO THE FIRST VIRTUAL NELSONVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Featuring Student Lydia Sander and Director Josh Antonuccio Lydia Sander, a senior at Ohio University and an intern for the Nelsonville Music Festival, and Josh Antonuccio M. Ed., Executive Producer for the Nelsonville Music Festival and Ohio University Direc...
February 5, 2021
Teamwork: ever since we were kids, we’ve been taught to work together and value other people’s opinions. It’s even represented in one of our favorite childhood theme songs growing up. Sing it with me: “What’s gonna work? Teamwork! What’s gonna work?! Teamwork!” What is teamwork or a team? Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re working...
October 16, 2020
Jasmine Hargrove
Meet Jasmine Hargrove, the social media chair for the Center for Entrepreneurship. Jasmine is a Media Arts Studies major, with a minor in psychology, and two certificates in Entrepreneurship and in Social Media. She is the President of the Ohio University Entrepreneur’s Club. She also is involved in the National Society of Leadership and the Ohio U...