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Modern computing came of age in the 1950s, and the Russ College pioneered its own computer science courses in 1957. The discipline of computer science covers the breadth of computing technologies that have since developed in this rapidly changing field, including the development and analysis of software, mobile development, algorithms, digital logic, computer graphics, parallel computing, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, internet engineering, databases, operating systems, and computer security.

Most students interested in computer science enroll in the B.S. degree program offered by the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. Exceptionally well-qualified students may consider applying for the Honors Tutorial Program in Advanced Computing (formerly Computer Science) offered by the Honors Tutorial College. Both programs are maintained by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For more info. on either program, contact

Career Possibilities

Career possibilities for computer science graduates include a range of industries, such as computer software, networking, consulting, insurance, and banking. Russ College graduates have gone on to work for such high-profile companies as Microsoft, Google,, GE, NCR, Boeing, and Lexis-Nexis – and one of them, Alan Schaaf, founded While starting salaries vary widely, computer science graduates are typically well-paid. The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently reported that the average annual salary for computer science graduates was more than $50,000.


The computer science curriculum starts off with a foundation in mathematics and programming. First-year students usually take a three-course sequence covering an introduction to software design and development in C++, a course on computer ethics, and the calculus sequence. As sophomores, students take courses on discrete mathematics, programming languages, software engineering tools, and data structures. As juniors and seniors, students take courses on the design and analysis of algorithms, compilers theory, operating systems, and parallel computing. As a senior, you'll complete a yearlong design experience exploring your specific interest, including four technical elective courses, such as computer architecture, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, database systems, data communications, Internet engineering, formal languages, advanced operating systems, or interactive computer graphics.

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Computer Science Minor

In today's technical society, understanding how computing works and affects nearly every aspect of our lives can be huge benefit to students in other disciplines. With a minor in computer science, you'll have a foundation of knowledge that can be applied to fields such as business, medicine, education, and even the arts.

For more info. on the computer science minor program, explore the course requirements or email