Facilities + Equipment

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The School of EECS occupies 25,500 square feet of office and laboratory space in Stocker Engineering and Technology Center, while the Avionics Engineering Center, an administrative unit within the school, uses 8,300 square feet of office and laboratory space on the second floor of Stocker and a large hangar facility at the Ohio University Airport.

EECS has two computing laboratories with more than 40 state-of-the-art workstations and an internet teaching laboratory where students have direct access to core internet technologies — routers, switches, nameservers, tablets, high-performance equipment, and gateways. We also offer various electrical engineering and electronics laboratories where students have direct access to core computing technologies — voltmeters, oscilloscopes, microprocessors, memory, and microcontrollers.

Our nearly $6 million per year in funded research is performed on a breadth of specialized equipment, including an anechoic chamber, atomic-force and scanning electron microscopes, computerized embroidery machines for building wearable electronics, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition systems, six airplanes for testing navigation systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and high-performance computers.