Corrosion Center Testing Services

Corrosion Center testing facility

Offering numerous corrosion testing systems ranging from small glass cells to large multiphase flow loops, we can help you custom design the corrosion testing program to match your field conditions, whether you need inhibitor qualification, HPHT testing, or corrosion in multiphase flow. Our MULTICORP™ software is a corrosion prediction engine that enables the simulation of corrosion under various conditions and in various environments. Its various prediction modules address bottom and top of the line corrosion, water wetting, flow regime, line simulation.

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Corrosion Measurement and Analytical Capability

In any of our systems, we can deploy a broad range of corrosion measurement techniques ranging from simple exposure tests to advanced online electrochemical measurements (LPR, EIS, etc.). We can also integrate electrical resistance (ER), Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM) and other alternative techniques into the testing program as required. Optical microscopy and analytical techniques such as SEM, EDS, EBSD, XRD, AFM, Raman, and surface profilometry are readily available.

In addition, we’re equipped to perform mechanical testing and metallography analysis including: hardness tester, tensile tester, mounting/polishing/etching, metallographic microscope, EBSD detector, mechanical (scratch) tester).

Corrosion Testing at Extreme Conditions

A range of high-pressure, high-temperature autoclaves and mini flow loops, from 1-20L in volume, enable corrosion testing at extreme conditions, using relatively small volumes of fluids in both sweet (CO2) and sour (H2S) environments. Custom designed short and long term experiments are possible, with use of online corrosion monitoring techniques and accurate control of water chemistry. Different single-phase flow arrangements are available such as: pipe and channel flow, rotating cylinder flow and jet impingement.

Corrosion risk assessment using MULTICOLORTM-TOPCORPTM

We can perform comprehensive assessments of the corrosion risk in oil and gas fields using the latest version of our flagship software MULTICORPTM. The Top of the Line Corrosion module (TOPCORPTM) and water wetting module can be used upon request. Use doesn’t require ownership of a software license, because our trained staff performs the work for you. Deliverables include a complete description and analysis of the simulation results.

Inhibitor Testing and Evaluation

We can test and evaluate the performance of corrosion inhibitors and other field chemicals across the whole range of conditions. This includes: multiplexed glass cell testing, HPHT testing in autoclaves and mini flow loops, and testing in large scale multiphase flow systems. Online corrosion measurements, accurate control of water chemistry and flow conditions are key to reliable testing. We offer a number of different testing protocols.


Advanced analysis, modeling and corrosion simulation software design are available. We’re proud to be the recognized leader in this field, with a track record for creating custom-designed software packages as well as publicly available corrosion modeling tools.