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H2S Multiphase corrosion flow loop

H2S Multiphase corrosion flow loop

The H2S system enables the study of H2S effect on corrosion rate in a controlled multiphase environment (liquid/gas). This system is comprised of 4" I.D., Sch 80, Hastelloy© C-276 providing resistance to corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, two progressive cavity pumps for moving the liquid and gas, and three separate test sections for corrosion measurements. 

The hydrogen sulfide system is located in a completely isolated section of the building at the ICMT designed for better control of environmental parameters and as a secondary containment of hazardous gases such as H2S. All operational controls for the hydrogen sulfide test loop are located just outside the environmental chamber providing a higher level of safety for the operator and more convenience for data collection.

Various types of flush-mounted corrosion-monitoring tools can be installed in each of the test sections, such as electrical resistance probes, electrochemical probes, weight loss coupons, and wall shear stress probes.