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Online Technical Project Management Certificate

Learn to get it all under control – with flexibility for your schedule

Designed exclusively for OHIO students seeking their bachelor’s degree online, our Technical Project Management Certificate Program helps you expand your skills to include enterprise computing, accounting, and management – positioning you to oversee projects in a variety of environments.

The 18-hour, online Technical Project Management Certificate Program is open to any OHIO student enrolled in an online bachelor degree program, and to OHIO alumni. The certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation.

Questions? Contact Engineering Technology and Management Department Chair Dr. Todd Myers at 740.593.1455, or Associate Professor Dr. Neil Littell at 740.593.1457.

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Required Courses

Required courses are dependent upon your major. Contact Associate Professor Dr. Neil Littell at 740.593.1457 to confirm your requirements.

Computer Methods (3 credit hours)

ETM 2030, Advanced Enterprise Computer Methods: Study of common methods used to solve enterprise computing problems. Emphasis is on developing solutions using common software, installing, configuring, and maintaining computer hardware.

Accounting (3 credit hours)

ACCT 1005, Accounting for Business Activities: Introduction to accounting principles, terminology, and concepts; and accounting processes, procedures, and analytical tools.

Alternate course: SAM 1000

Management (3 credit hours)

MGT 2000, Intro to Management: Understanding of and practice in solving problems facing managers and administrators using concepts and principles from behavioral sciences and other applicable disciplines.

Alternate course: SAM 3050

Project Management (3 credit hours)

ETM 3820, Project Management: Learn the skills, tools, and strategies needed to meet the needs of managing engineering projects.

General Management (Choose 2 courses, 6 credit hours total)

  • ETM 4420 – Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • ETM 3625 - Supervision and Leadership in Technical Organizations
  • ETM 3700J – Professional and Technical Writing
  • SAM 3010- Managing Processes and Supply Chains
  • COMS 3060 – Interpersonal Conflict Management
  • SAM 3250J – Strategic Managerial Communication
  • PRCM 3250J – Business Communication