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Project Management Undergraduate Certificate

Learn to get it all under control

This certificate program is for Technical and Non-Technical Majors

Businesses and organizations of all kinds are looking for leaders to keep projects on task, on time, and on budget. Our Project Management Undergraduate Certificate program’s activity-based work will enable you to practice successful project management skills – and you’ll also gain a valuable resume credential.

The 15-16 hour, residential Project Management Undergraduate Certificate Program will appear on your transcript upon graduation. Any OHIO student seeking a bachelor’s degree on any OHIO campus is eligible. If you have earned a bachelor's degree, our Project Management Graduate Certificate may be right for you. And if you want to take your project management experience even further, consider the online Master of Science in Project Management, designed for working project management professionals.

Enrolled in an online OHIO bachelor’s program? We offer a 100% online Project Management Certificate program.

Questions? Contact Engineering Technology and Management Department Assistant Chair Dr. Yuqiu You or Associate Professor Dr. Neil Littell at 740.593.1457.

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Required Courses

Required courses are dependent upon your major. Contact Associate Professor Dr. Neil Littell at 740.593.1457 to confirm your requirements.

Computer Methods (3 credit hours)

ETM 1030, Enterprise Computer Methods: Study of common methods used to solve enterprise computing problems.

Alternate courses: ISE 1100, MIS 2010, or MIS 2011 or CE 2010 or CS 2400

Accounting (2 credit hours)

ACCT 1005, Accounting for Business Activities: Introduction to accounting principles, terminology, and concepts; and accounting processes, procedures, and analytical tools.

Alternate courses: ACCT 1010, Acct 1000, or ET 3300

Intro to Management (3 credit hours)

MGT 2000, Intro to Management: Understanding of and practice in solving problems facing managers and administrators using concepts and principles from behavioral sciences and other applicable disciplines.

Alternate Courses: CE 2160, MGT 2100, MGT 3000, MGT 3200

Project Management (3 credit hours)

ETM 3830, Project Management: Learn the skills, tools, and strategies needed to meet the needs of managing engineering projects.

Alternate course: ISE 4490 AND ISE 4192

General Management (Choose 2 courses, 6 credit hours total)

  • ETM 3620 - Supervision and Leadership
  • HLTH 3350 - Leadership and Management of Health Care Organizations
  • MGT 3400 – Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 3500 - Theories of Organizational Effectiveness 
  • MGT 4560 – Strategic Leadership Consulting
  • MGT 4580 – Managing Transformations and Organizational Change
  • SASM 3220 – Leadership and Sport Management