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Pre-Social Work

Pre-Social Work

Before being officially admitted to the major in social work, you must first attain pre-major status. This can be done as early as the freshman year. By achieving pre-major status, you will be connected to the Department of Social Work, assigned an adviser from the social work faculty, and receive program information and notices. To achieve pre-major status:

  1. Go to the Social Work office administrator, located in Morton Hall 416 (Athens only). If you are enrolled on a regional campus, check the campus directory for Student Services.
  2. Fill out the appropriate forms.
  3. The office administrator will assign you an adviser from the social work faculty. On the regional campuses, advisers are assigned in the Undergraduate Student Services office.

Having declared as a social work pre-major, you should contact your adviser promptly so that the adviser can help you develop an appropriate plan of study that meets all requirements for acceptance into the social work major and complete requirements for graduation. An Athens student who wishes to change his or her adviser for any reason may do so by making a request to the program's office administrator in Morton Hall Room 416 who will assist you in adviser reassignment. Regional campus students can make a request to the Undergraduate Student Services office.