Ohio University

Field Work

Social work is a professional program that requires all students to develop professional skills. Field education provides an opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students to gain professional experience in an agency in the community while also participating in traditional university social work courses. All students who are enrolled in a social work practice class are also enrolled in a field practicum.

Students locate a field placement with the help of field liaisons. The structure and number of hours for the placement, for both the graduate and undergraduate programs, are designated within the Field Education Manual, and the student’s placement activities are delineated in an individualized learning plan document.

The field education curriculum is based on the 10 core competencies of social work as promulgated by the Council on Social Work Education (2015). Subsumed under each of the competencies are one or more practice behaviors (CSWE, 2015) that are designed to operationalize the competencies. The field learning plan is based on the social work competencies and the practice behaviors and guides the student’s learning in the field placement. The competencies and the practice behaviors are also used as a basis for evaluating the learning outcomes at the end of the academic year.

The social work competencies and subsumed practice behaviors as promulgated by the Council on Social Work Education are as follows: