Jenny Chabot, Associate Professor
Child life and family experiences

Cory Cronin, Assistant Professor
The intersection of healthcare organizations, policy, and population health

Greg Janson, Associate Professor
Childhood trauma and maltreatment

Tim Ryan, Professor
Community noise, hearing protection advances, first responder noise 

Alexander V. Sergeev, Associate Professor
Cardiovascular disease epidemiology and outcomes research

Caroline Kingori, Assistant Professor
Reproductive and sexual health initiatives

Kristin Schuller, Assistant Professor
Rural healthcare: delivery, access, quality

Julie Brown, Assistant Professor
Digital technologies and aging, gerontological pedagogy, aging in place

Michele Morrone, Professor
Social and environmental determinants of health

Shannon E. Nicks, Assistant Professor
Health equity, social networks and community-engaged research

Rebekah Crawford, Visiting Professor
Health Communication, mental wellness, difference and inclusion in health contexts