History, Mission, Vision

Why Choose this Program

The Environmental Health Science program focuses on prevention of disease through the management of water, food, land, chemicals, radiation, and other environmental factors. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in physical and biological sciences, plus hands-on experience in the field using modern equipment and techniques to analyze air and water quality, noise and environmental stressors, food quality, and contaminants of all types.


The Environmental Health Science program fully embraces the University's mission of teaching, research, and service in the field of environmental health science. The program integrates the mission of fostering the intellectual, personal, and cultural development of students as it relates to applied science.


The overall goal of the program is to incorporate scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills into all professional coursework in an effort to produce scientifically literate citizens, to provide students entering various professions with the necessary scientific foundation for the pursuit of these professions, and to produce broadly trained scholars of science with contemporary knowledge. Active learning and student engagement are fundamental elements of the teaching approach.