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Full-Time English-Only Program with OPIE


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Ohio University offers a Full-Time English Program for students who are not yet ready to take academic courses. The full-time program is a 15-week, semester-long program. 

Four-week sessions—intended for groups of students or students who want to study English during vacation—also are available. They are not intended for students who are preparing for admission to Ohio University. Assess Your Needs:

How to Apply: English-Only Applicants

If you want to study Intensive English only, you should apply for “OPIE Only” student status. The only entry requirement is that you have a high school diploma. “OPIE Only” student status is best for students who are not interested in a degree program at Ohio University or who are unsure of the program they would like to enter.

About Undergraduate Admission to Ohio University: Undergraduate students who are conditionally admitted to Ohio University are given an Institutional TOEFL exam (ITP) and writing or composition test upon arrival. Students are eligible to begin full-time academic study if they score 520 (Business students: 525) or above with a writing score of 5 or above. If scores are lower, students are placed into either this Full-Time English Program with OPIE for full-time English instruction or the University Success Pathway Program, which includes English classes and academic classes.

Full-Time OPIE English Program & Courses

20 hours of English per week

  • Upon arrival, students are required to take English proficiency tests on campus if prior test scores have not been submitted.
  • Test scores determine placement into an appropriate level and course.
  • Students making normal progress (grades of As, Bs, & Cs) usually spend one semester at each level (NOT each course).
  • Courses offered pending sufficient enrollment.

The full-time program offers three levels of instruction. Each level provides 20 course hours per week plus 4 hours of labs and activities on Wednesdays.

Undergraduate students can advance from the full-time program into the University Success Pathways Program, which provides part-time OPIE courses and part-time academic courses. 

Full-time English Program (Three Levels)

Depending on student enrollment, levels may sometimes be combined or divided into a higher course and a lower course. 


(20 hours per week + 4 hours of labs and activities)

  • grammar/communication situations (12 hours/week)
  • listening/speaking (4 hours/week)
  • reading/writing (4 hours/week)


(20 hours per week + 4 hours of labs and activities)

  • grammar/writing (12 hours/week)
  • listening/speaking (4 hours/week)
  • reading/vocabulary (4 hours/week)


(20 hours per week + 4 hours of labs and activities)

  • grammar/writing/reading (12 hours/week)
  • listening/note-taking/speaking (4 hours/week)
  • academic reading skills (4 hours/week)