Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Program

Our mock interview service is designed to assist you in preparing for an interview that you may have with an employer or a graduate school. We offer face to face, telephone, and skype mock interviews. All mock interviews are 30 minutes in length. The 30 minute time slot also includes time for feedback related to the mock interview. To schedule a mock interview appointment please call 740-593-2909 or visit our office: Baker University Center 533.

Faculty members interested in requiring Mock Interviews as part of a course assignment should contact Chelsea von Pagels ( with questions.


InterviewStream is a web-based mock interview program to assist students with their basic interviewing skills. Students must have a webcam. Visit the web site to create an account and create your customized interveiw. Please do NOT use an academic mock interview unless you are enrolled in that class.

About Interviewing

Interviewing provides you with an opportunity to match your skills, education and experience to a specific organization and position. Your goal is to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for that position. It is important to remember that interviewing is a two way street. You want to make sure the organization will be a good fit for your personality and professional goals.

What you do to prepare yourself before an interview is just as, if not more, important as the actual interview.

Here are the main steps in preparing for an interview:
1. Know yourself – Past experiences, professional goals, transferable skills, favorite work environment
2. Research the field & organization
3. Practice

Interview Preparation Resources

Interviewing Handout
Phone and Video Interview Handout








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