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Major Exploration

Explore Majors

Ignite your future by connecting your academic interests and unique qualities to Ohio University's diverse selection of major, minor, and certificate options.

Through career coaching, CLDC professional staff facilitate an exploration of values, interests, and skills and coach you to identify connections between you, majors, and career opportunities. Keep in mind that a specific major does not necessarily lead you to a specific career path.

Consider meeting with a career coach to talk about how your academic studies combine with interests, out-of-class involvement, and internship experiences to lead you to design your professional path. 

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Ohio University Majors and More

What Can I Do With This Major

Plan for Graduate School

Take your education to the next level by pursuing graduate or professional school. Attending graduate school is a major decision that requires support and reflection. CLDC coaches work with you to help you consider your professional and personal goals, research different programs, and develop a dynamic personal statement.

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Graduate School Applications and Personal Statements

Enhance your application by working with a career coach. Send your personal statement before the appointment and your coach will review it. Career coaches focus these conversations on overall content and ways to improve the statement.

For help with editing documents or brainstorming ways to start your statement, check out the Student Writing Center. 


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Resumes and Cover Letters

Market yourself strategically through the development of professional documents that effectively communicate your unique value. Resumes are a sales brochure - just a quick snapshot of your professional experiences, as well as your concrete and transferable skills. The cover letter is the opportunity to draw connections from past experience to the opportunity you want now. Collaborate with a CLDC Career Coach to prepare top-notch materials. 


Ignite your professional network by building and maintaining genuine relationships with family, peers, professors, and colleagues. Networking is all about relationships - everyone you know is part of your network. Collaborate with a CLDC career coach to brainstorm ways to utilize your current network to grow professionally and connect with people in your field. 

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Interviewing and Mock Interviews

Rise above the competition by selling your skills to your dream employer. Interviewing is the opportunity to demonstrate your cultural fit with an organization and to reinforce how your skills and experiences have prepared you for the opportunity. Enhance your interviewing skills through a 30 minute mock interview. CLDC professional staff coach you through the process of practicing for the real thing, as well as evaluating and improving upon your performance.

To practice independently, check out  Interview Stream  and use your OHIO email address to set up an account.

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