eAccounts Overview

eAccounts lets you manage your meals and money on your Bobcat Cash or Flex Account. Once you log in to eAccounts, you can view all of your balances and account activity, as well as make an instant deposit to your Bobcat Cash account or freeze your card if you lost it.


    eAccounts Mobile App

    Download the eAccounts mobile app for quick access to your Bobcat Cash balance, Meal Plan balance, and Flex Points balance if you have a Flex Meal Plan. You can also use the app to Add Money to your Bobcat Cash account if you have a payment source saved in Apple Wallet or have saved a payment method on the eAccounts Website.


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    To Save a Payment Method on the eAccounts Website:
    1)    Login to the eAccounts website with your OHIO ID and OHIO Password (the password associated with your OHIO email address)
    2)    Under Bobcat Cash click ‘+Add Money’
    3)    Choose the Deposit Type and enter the Deposit Amount
    4)    Choose the Credit Card payment method and click “Next”
    5)    Enter the credit card information on the secure payment gateway and click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page
    6)    On the Confirmation screen, Click ‘Make Deposit’ at the bottom of the page
    7)    On the Receipt page, checkmark the box under Save Payment Method to generate a pop up field
    8)    Enter an Alias for the card and set it as the default method if warranted by checking the “Set as Default” box
    9)    Click Save
    a.    You should see a green text box that states “Payment Method Saved”

    Screenshot of Save Payment Method Screen
    Screenshot of Successful Saved Payment Method


    Once you complete the steps above, your payment method will be able to be used to purchase Bobcat Cash using the eAccounts Mobile App.

    To manage your Saved Payment Methods, login to the eAccounts website and go to Profile > Saved Payment Methods.


    eAccounts Web Login

    Access eAccounts on the web browser, on either a desktop or mobile device.


    eAccounts web login