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Providing Bobcat Cash

Auxiliary Services can assist departments with adding Bobcat Cash to a current OHIO student, faculty or staff member's Bobcat Cash account. In order to do so, the Department must provide the following information to Auxiliary Services by emailing and copying the payroll office at

  • Create an excel sheet with the following information for each deposit:
    • Recipient Last Name
    • Recipient First Name
    • Recipient Ohio ID
    • Recipient PID
    • Employee ID (if recipient is an employee - including student employees)
    • Deposit Amount
    • Award Description
    • Departmental Account number to be billed
  • All Bobcat Cash deposits made to a customer account by the University are taxable income for the recipient. If the recipient is an employee of Ohio University, even if the deposit of Bobcat Cash is not related to their employment, the Payroll office must withhold the appropriate income tax for the deposit.
  • It is the responsibility of the department requesting the Bobcat Cash deposit to make sure that all necessary tax compliance reporting is completed. If Bobcat Cash is issued to non-employees, the department should notify Accounts Payable at, who tracks the value of awards provided to non-employees to ensure IRS regulations related to the issuance of 1099's are followed.

Accepting Bobcat Cash as Form of Payment

University departments that are interested in accepting Bobcat Cash as a form of payment should contact Auxiliary Services at to discuss the options.

In general, departments who accept Bobcat Cash are responsible for paying for the purchase of any needed equipment, as well as a percentage fee on all transactions to support the overall costs and operations of the campus transaction and payment system.