OHIO ID Card Services

Card Services

If you misplace your OHIO ID card, you can quickly deactivate it from the eAccounts mobile app or website. Once your card is deactivated, it can't be used to access any campus services. If you find your OHIO ID card before you get a new one printed, you can reactivate it. This service if free and unlimited.

If your OHIO ID card is lost or stolen, please visit Bobcat Depot, located on the ground floor of Baker University Center, to get a new one printed. Your PID will remain the same but the 16-digit ISO number on the back of the card will change each time you get a new one. Once a new OHIO ID card is printed, the old ones will be frozen and will not work - even if you reactivate them on the mobile app or on the web.

OHIO ID card info

Mobile App Instructions

  • Tap the Settings gear icon at the top right of the screen, then choose "Card Management."
  • Toggle the switch Off (left) to deactivate your OHIO ID card.
  • If more than one card is listed, deactivate them all.
  • Toggle the switch On (right) to activate your OHIO ID card.

Web Instructions

  • Log into eAccounts and choose "Card Services" at the top of the screen.
  • If the OHIO ID card is currently active, select "Deactivate Card" to disable it.
  • If more than one card is listed in the drop down, deactivate them all.
  • If the card is deactivated, select "Activate Card" to begin using it again and services will be activated immediately.