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Meet some of our outstanding students, who want you to know why they chose Ohio University and why you should join our Bobcat family. Want to know more? We can also connect you directly with one of our student ambassadors. 

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Why did you choose OHIO?

It felt like an extension of home rather than this completely new place.

How did you find your best friend or roommate?

We have over 550 clubs on campus. You're going to be able to find your best friend in no time.

What’s great about living on campus?

I kid you not. Ohio University has amazing amazing culinary services.

How do you show your Bobcat pride?

I LOVE showing my Bobcat pride!

What would you tell someone who has never been to Athens?

Even if we don't know someone on campus, we really care about them because they're our fellow Bobcats.

7 Questions for Business Bobcats

It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work.

7 Questions for Scripps Bobcats

I wanted to go to school for something I'm really passionate about, and I've always been passionate about building relationships!

7 Questions for Russ Bobcats

Because of my favorite professor, I became a better student, a better role model, and really just a better person. 

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