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Transfer Credit Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't receive credit for a course, what happened?

First, review the following list of questions:

  1. Was the institution you attended regionally accredited? OHIO only accepts transfer credit from a Council of Higher Education (CHEA) recognized regionally accredited institution. You can visit to search for information regarding your institution's accreditation or reach out to your institution directly for accreditation information.
  2. What grade did you earn in the course? If the course was transferred from a CHEA-recognized regionally accredited institution and your grade was below a D-, then the course will not transfer. In most cases, nontraditional credit (pass/fail or competency-based education courses) earned at independent Ohio institutions or institutions outside of Ohio will not be transferable.
  3. Was the course a developmental/remedial course? Courses that are not considered college level are usually indicated with course numbers below 100 or 1000 and do not transfer to OHIO.


If an incoming course is pending evaluation by an academic college, the course status will be “no rule” on your transfer credit evaluation. Please note that you have received credit for these courses, they are just pending evaluation by your academic college. If you have questions in this regard, please contact the appropriate college office via the phone numbers listed below. If the course has been evaluated by an academic college, the information will be listed under equivalent course, units, and grade. There are several possible outcomes:

  1. Your course matches a specific OHIO course – the OHIO department code and course number will be listed (e.g., PSY 1010).
  2. Your course is in an area that is also taught by OHIO, but the content does not match a specific OHIO course – an OHIO department code with an appropriate course level designation will be listed (e.g., PSY 2XXL, meaning this is a 2000 level psychology course with no specific match to an OHIO course).
  3. Your course is in an area not offered by OHIO – the departmental code, TECE, meaning “technical elective,” will be listed along with a course level designation (e.g. TECE 1XXL). Each OHIO academic college counts only a certain amount of TECE credit toward graduation. Check with your academic college for more specific information in this regard.
Do my grades transfer to OHIO?

No, only your courses transfer. You will begin with a new GPA once you enroll at OHIO; however, some selective admission programs may take your previous grades into account when considering you for admission to their majors.

I have a copy of my DARS, but several courses that were listed on my transfer credit evaluation are not included. Why not?

The course(s) in question is pending evaluation. While you have received credit for this work, it does not appear on your DARS because it has not yet been evaluated. It can take between 3-10 business days for credit to be evaluated after admission is offered or transcripts are received. If it has been longer than 3-10 business days, please send an email to with your contact information and course details, and we will reach back out. Additional information may be required before the articulation process can be completed.

I think the course evaluation is wrong. What should I do?

Contact your academic advisor and explain your concerns. Students can present additional information regarding previous coursework, such as course syllabi and a portfolio of completed assignments, to clarify the learning outcomes achieved in the course. Students will need to provide a copy of the course description and/or syllabus for a re-evaluation. More information and the Re-Evaluation Request Form can be found on the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services website.

What if I change my major?

Changing your major should not affect your transfer credit evaluation. However, it is recommended to review your transfer credit with your academic advisor to see how your transfer credit fulfills the requirements of your new major and whether it is beneficial to seek any re-evaluations.

I want to take a class at another college or university and transfer my credit back to Ohio University. What should I do?

Contact your academic advisor and discuss appropriate courses for transient study and submit a Transient Course Pre-Approval form. Learn more about transient study and access the Transient Course Pre-Approval Form on the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services website. 

How do I find my Transfer Credit Evaluation Report?

Students who have activated their OHIO ID after admission and have submitted their official college transcripts or score reports can view a preliminary transfer credit evaluation report in their online My OHIO Student Center. You can find your Transfer Credit Evaluation Report by selecting the drop-down menu under "Other Academic Information" and selecting "Transfer Credit: Report". More information on how to understand your transfer credit evaluation can be found here.