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Career Exploration

It is common to question what to pursue academically during your time in college. This is a big decision and requires self-reflection, exploring your options, and making decisions that align with that self-knowledge. Use this guide to explore majors at OHIO, learn more about occupations and industries, and to see what opportunities exist once you have already selected a major. 

Exploration engages students in thinking about their skills, values, and interests to support making decisions about their major and career that align with that self-knowledge. Students should start with reflection of their past experience, skills, values, and interest. 

Step one: Exploring you

The career exploration process should always begin with the most important part – you. Self-assessment involves examining your skills, abilities, interests, personality, and values. 

Take the MyNextMove assessment online to identify possible careers. Use this personality self-assessment to identify some of your traits and preferences, along with how they could align with different industries and occupations. This free tool is based on Holland Personality Types and takes five to six minutes to complete. 

Additional self-assessment tools to continue in self-reflection as you move through the career planning cycle. 

Step two: Reflection

Discuss your results with your Success Advisor, in an ACE drop-in, with a career coach, in a group coaching appointment, by attending a workshop, or spend time reflecting alone. 

Step three: Exploring your options

Explore the various majors and careers that you identified in your self-assessment using one or more of the following resources: 

  • Occupational Network (O*Net) - Visit O*Net to learn more about the daily activities, earnings, job outlook and training and education typical for each of your possible careers. 
  • What Can I do with this Major? - Look at the “What Can I do with this Major?” website to learn about the career possibilities each major can lead to. 
  • Academic Catalog - Highlight the majors that interest you and visit the respective colleges’ web sites for information on application deadlines and curriculum requirements. 
  • Explore social media sites, like TikTok or Instagram, and search hashtags or popular accounts related to your major or intended career.  

Once you have explored various major and career possibilities, it is important to gain experience to help narrow your options. 

  • Utilize the Bobcat Network or LinkedIn to speak with people in the field! Gain connections and job shadow to see what the job is all about.  
  • Get Involved! Identify opportunities through the Campus Involvement Center and the academic colleges that are related to your major or intended career path. 
  • Create a “What if DARS” online at the Registrar’s web site to see what classes you would need to switch to a particular major. There may be classes available that will count toward a tier requirement and help you learn more about a particular field and major. Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor for more help. 
  • Pursue a Part-Time Job – Gain valuable transferable skills through a part- time job experience. On campus employment opportunities are listed online through the Financial Aid Office (Federal Work Study and PACE) and at (Hourly). 
  • Visit Experience OHIO to seek experiential learning opportunities that are closely related to the field you are considering. 
  • Explore the Calendar of University of Events to find out about events in your department, college, or related to your intended career.