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Production Equipment

We provide high quality production equipment for our students including Arriflex SR super 16mm and regular 16mm cameras, Bolex 16mm cameras, High Definition Cameras, Canon XL series mini DV cameras to allow our students to produce films with high quality images.


Film CamerasArriflex-SRII-Med


Arriflex SR Super 16mm camera

Arriflex SR 16mm cameras

Bolex 16mm Reflex cameras



High Definition Cameras


Sony EX3 High Definition Cameras



DV CamerasHDcameraBody


Canon XL2 Cameras

Canon XL1S Cameras

Canon XL1 Camera

Canon ZR Cameras



Prime Lenses


 Ang. 5.9mm & Zeiss 8mm

 Nikon 180 mm



Camera Accessories


Sekonic L 508 Digital Light Meters

Sekonic Analog Light Meters

Field Monitors

Sachtler 100mm DV tripod

Sachtler 150mm Film Tripods

Manfrotto 501 DV Tripods


Shoulder Mount

Cartoni 100mm Big/Baby Legs

O'Connor 100mm Big legsArri-HMI-Par-Med

Portable Jib Arm

2 Skateboard dollys

2 Doorway dollies





Fostex FR-2 recorders

Fostex FR-2 LE recorder

Tascam DAT recorders

5M3 Portable Audio mixers

Wendt X3 mixers

Shure Mixermain-office1-Med

Tram microphones

Countryman microphone

Sennheiser 416-T Kit

Sennheiser K3U, ME

Sennheiser EW-100 wireless

Audio-Technica wireless microphone

Micron wireless microphone

EV dynamic microphones



Lighting and Grip Equipment


Arri 1.2K HMI Fresnels

Arri 1.2K HMI PAR

Kino Flo Kits

Mini Flo Kit

Mole Richardson Mickey Moles

Mole Richardson Baby Solarspots

LTM Peppers

Lowel Omnis, DPs.

C stands

Nets and Flags