Scholars and Award Winners

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Ohio University's Learning Community Programs celebrates those who keep the program moving forever forward — through their support of Bobcats in their Learning Community and their commitment to enriching students' academic experience at OHIO!

Rauschenberg Scholars

The Rauschenberg Family Scholarship was established in memory of Roy Rauschenberg, a long-time history professor at Ohio University, to recognize outstanding students who contribute to their peers in positive ways.  Learning Community Programs awards this scholarship to four returning student leaders each academic year.

Past Winners

  • 2023-2024: Erin Chaplow, Shelby Graf, Maddie Kennedy, Valerie Locke, Corey Rogier
  • 2022-2023: Ashley Bowler, Juliana Colant, Callie Flood, Nicole Powers, Katelyn White
  • 2019-2020: Emma Maddocks, Minna Njeh, Lydia Wendel
  • 2018-2019: Kay Dunlevy, Rachel Green, Dylan Torok
  • 2017-2018: Kalee Nielsen, Taylor Oriti
  • 2016-2017: Kristen Eberlin, Kayla Gray
  • 2015-2016: Grace Nicklos, Lora Zatko

Learning Community Program Award Winners

Ohio University celebrates outstanding individuals who offer their time and energy to support OHIO's Learning Community Programs and students.


Now Accepting Nominations for 2023 awards.  To submit your nomination, please complete this survey: Nomination Survey

Deadline: Thursday, November 30 at 11:59pm

Outstanding Advocate

The Learning Community Program is supported by every college, program and a multitude of offices across campus. This award is designed to recognize an individual or office that exhibits exceptional work in the areas of student success, serving as a student resource and/or providing content to support the lesson planning for the seminars. The Outstanding Advocate Award is given to one winner each year.

Past Winners

  • 2022: Ann Brandon
  • 2021: MaryKathyrine Tran
  • 2020: Cody Sigmon
  • 2019: Kerry Kottyan
  • 2018: Mike Wickham
  • 2017: Mike Koons
  • 2016: Tasha Hutchinson
  • 2015: Joni Wadley
  • 2014: Lindsey Marx

Outstanding Instructor

The Learning Community (UC 1900) and Campus Connection (UC 1500) Seminars are designed to support student engagement in their academic home and increase connection to the campus and Athens community. Instructors serve a key role in the student’s academic success and in creating peer-learning networks.

This award is given to honor individuals who have demonstrated a passion for helping students make the most of their first year on campus and have fostered personal connections in and outside of the classroom. The Outstanding Instructor Award is given to four instructors each year.

Past Winners

  • 2022: Alexandra Herron, Alexis Morales, Cody Pettit, David Stott
  • 2021: Larry Hayman, Vernon Kennedy, Holly Seckinger, Dr. Morgan Vis-Chiasson
  • 2020: Yanhui Fang, Elizabeth Koonce, Suraiya Padiyath Abdulla, Renee Smith
  • 2019: Larry Hayman, Cody Pettit, Jonathan Renard, Melanie Tullett
  • 2018: Catherine Cutcher, Heather Grove, Betsy Kunstel, Katie Thomson
  • 2017: Rosemarie Basile, Haley Duschinski, Dean Pidcock, Heather Thomas
  • 2016: Lora Clapp, Paula Linscott, Randy Price, Susan Tice-Alicke
  • 2015: Ann Addington, Sam Girton, Maureen Wagner, Sara White
  • 2014: Areej Ahmed, Ann LaComb, Charlie Morgan, Lois Vines

Outstanding Learning Community or Peer Leader

Learning Community Leaders (LCLs) and Peer Leaders are an integral part of OHIO's Learning Communities. Positive peer influence has a great impact on a student’s success in higher education so LCLs and Peer Leaders are assigned to each community to enhance the quality of the Bobcat student experience.

This award is given to honor individuals who have demonstrated a high level of engagement with students, including outreach efforts to make individual connections with and between students, as well as sharing their perspective on transition topics.

Past Winners

  • 2022: Erin Chaplow, Grace Cobb, Julianne Gannon, Jess Mitchell
  • 2021: Catrina Beasley, Skylar Chinn, Meg Gidley, Alexis Karolin
  • 2020: Caitlin Hanifin, Danielle Klein, KJ Russell, Emily Wilson
  • 2019: Cody Phillips, Dylan Ruby, Emily Smith, Maria Steinberg
  • 2018: Hallie Barnhart, Olivia Brahler, Carly Cambert, Mary Carter
  • 2017: Madison Couch, Mallory Hudson, Katie Kingery, Micaela Schmoll
  • 2016: Taylor Bowling, Mia DiGeronimo, Alex Koran, Jessa Snyder
  • 2015: Leah Coffelt, Kayli Francisco, Mackenzie Hillier, Tori Kelner
  • 2014: Chad Goergens, Kristen Kramer, Allyson Kuehn, Hannah Vaughn

Outstanding Learning Community

Learning Communities support students' successful transition to and through the first semester at OHIO. All aspects of the Learning Communities are designed to assist students in their development.

Each year we recognize one outstanding Learning Community that epitomizes the aspects of community, connection and academic engagement.

Past Winners

  • 2022: Communication Studies A – Instructor: Jerry Miller; Learning Community Leader: Ella Sparks
  • 2021: Journalism A – Instructor: Tim Sharp; Learning Community Leader: Juliana Colant
  • 2020: Pre-Law – Instructor: Larry Hayman; Learning Community Leader: Alexis Karolin
  • 2019: Nutrition and Dietetics A – Instructor: Sara White; Learning Community Leader: Rachel Green
  • 2018: Journalism A – Instructor: Mary Rogus; Learning Community Leader: Lauren Flum
  • 2017: STEM Education – Instructor: Heather Thomas; Learning Community Leader: Mallory Hudson
  • 2016: Arts & Sciences Undecided B – Instructor: Randy Price; Learning Community Leader: Kate Kingery
  • 2015: Engineering M, Mechanical Engineering – Instructor: Robert Williams; Learning Community Leader: Dan Parsons
  • 2014: UNC-Q Exploring Communication – Instructor: Katie Thomson; Learning Community Leader: Lucas Widman