First-Year Courses

First-year Courses Offered through University College

  • UC 1000 - Mastering the University Experience
    The purpose of University College 1000 is to assist new students in making a successful transition to Ohio University, both academically and personally. Aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the university, encourage self responsibility, and articulate to students the expectations and values of the University. Also seeks to help students develop and apply appropriate learning strategies; enhance their critical thinking and communication skills; and explore their interests, abilities, values, and options related to their choice of a major and career.
  • UC 1100 - Learning Strategies
    Helps students assess current study behaviors and attitudes and then adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, reading and comprehending test material, and preparing for exams. Emphasizes regular practice and application of strategies discussed. Especially recommended for new students who did not study very much in high school and/or do not have a well-developed system of effective studying.
  • UC 1101 - Time Management and Test Taking Skills
    Concentrates on managing time and preparing for and taking examinations.
  • UC 1500 - Student Transition Seminar
    The purpose of the Student Transition Seminar is to assist students in making a successful transition to their selected academic programs, both academically and personally. For those transferring to Ohio University, the course covers material on knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the institution. For those moving from one academic program to another, pertinent information regarding the new program is given. This course fosters a sense of belonging and promotes engagement in the curricular and co curricular aspects of a student's academic discipline.
  • UC 1900 - Learning Community Seminar
    The seminar course associated with thematic or discipline-specific learning communities. Topics may include introduction to disciplinary norms, academic expectations of specific colleges and programs and research and creative opportunities at Ohio University.