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Learning communities are a group of students, who take a common set of courses together. Those common courses include the core course in the learning community (the seminar) as well as courses selected to meet students’ academic requirements in their program of study (clustered courses.)


The core course for nearly all learning communities is a seminar (one or two credit hours) specifically designed for new students to teach skills and knowledge necessary for making a successful transition to Ohio University, both academically and personally. Some specific topics included in the seminars are: academic support resources, time management, study skills, and the importance of engaging in the Ohio University Community.

UC 1900: Learning Community Seminar

One credit hour

UC 1900 is the seminar utilized for students enrolled in an academic major. In addition to assisting new students in a successful transition to Ohio University, UC 1900 allows for colleges or departments to set academic expectations of students within specific disciplines. Instructors of UC 1900 are typically faculty and staff associated with the learning community’s academic focus.

UC 1000: The University Experience

Two credit hours

UC 1000, in addition to assisting new students in a successful transition to Ohio University, helps students explore their interests, abilities, values, and options related to their choice of a major and career. Because of the focus on career and major exploration, UC 1000 is the seminar utilized in the learning communities for undecided/undeclared majors. Instructors of UC 1000 serve as the academic advisor for students enrolled in the learning community.

PSY 1090: Optimizing Your Psychology Major

One credit hour

PSY 1090 provides first-year psychology majors with a background in psychology as a profession and as a major. The aim of the courses is to assist students in planning a course of study that will support their major and career aspirations.

Clustered Courses

The courses chosen to be clustered in a learning community are selected specifically to meet the requirements of the university as well as the specific academic major in which the students in the learning community are enrolled. The clustered courses include a seminar. The average number of credit hours a student takes at Ohio University each semester is fifteen, and the learning community cluster averages ten credit hours per community. This allows for students to know others in their classes, but not be in EVERY course together. Students still have the opportunity to complete their schedule with courses that are of specific interest to them outside of their major.