About Givepulse


Are you a student looking for community engagement opportunities? Or an organization looking for volunteers for a service project? Visit GivePulse, OHIO’s new online platform to help us connect our communities. 

Givepulse is an online community engagement platform that connects people to opportunities to get involved in their community. By becoming part of Ohio University’s Givepulse network, students, staff, faculty, and community partners can meaningfully engage with each other by: 

  • Searching our partner listing to explore organizations and causes they care about 
  • Finding and registering for volunteer and other local opportunities  
  • Coordinating community-engaged events such as service projects, service-learning classes, or donation drives 
  • Tracking participation and impacts like service hours, reflections, donations, etc. 

Community organizations may use GivePulse—and its comprehensive volunteer management and donor management capabilities—to interact with university stakeholders and the public at no cost.

Getting started

Not sure where to begin? The Center for Campus and Community Engagement can help you navigate the platform for the first time, and strategize how it could best support the needs of your organization or unit. 

Schedule a Tutorial

Community Partners

If your organization does not have an account on GivePulse, you can either reach out Courtney Lefebvre to request the CCCE create an account for your organization, or create your own user and group account at https://ohio.givepulse.com/join.

After creating your group, add important information including your organization’s mission, location, contact information, etc. Presenting a thorough representation of your organization will help you attract volunteers. For additional instruction, view this tutorial video or reach out to the CCCE for an in-person tutorial. 

If you are a regional campus partner, please also affiliate with your regional campus by clicking the relevant link(s) below and then clicking "Affiliate" icon on the right side of the page: 

After joining, you can add events and begin recruiting volunteers.

Students, Faculty, and Staff

If you do not yet have an account, select "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of Ohio University's GivePulse page using your ohio.edu email address and password. 

If you are a regional campus student, please also become a member of your regional campus subgroup to find opportunities in your community by selecting "Become A Member" at the top of the screens linked below. Opportunities with regional community organizations will be listed on the relevant regional campus homepage: 

Once you've registered, you can start browsing and registering for events and opportunities.

Campus Units or Student Organizations

If your campus unit or student organization is interested in coordinating events and tracking data on Givepulse, the CCCE can help you create a subgroup in OHIO’s network to coordinate events with partners and track and verify participation data.  

Student organizations can also browse and access the events and projects posted to GivePulse by our community partners under the Service tab on Bobcat Connect.

To build a subgroup for your student organization or unit, email communityengagement@ohio.edu.

Record reflections and track participation

Students, and other users, can use Givepulse to submit reflections, volunteer hours, and other “impact” data requested by campus or community partners. 

Following all events/opportunities, Givepulse will send an automated email to all registrants reminding them to verify their participation and upload their impacts. When students submit impacts, they will be verified by the event organizer and then compiled into the student’s user profile, creating a co-curricular transcript. 


Learn how to: 

Post events and coordinate volunteers

When affiliated partners in our network post events or opportunities to their organizational page, they will automatically be cross-posted on Ohio University’s master listing for students, staff and faculty to find and register for.  

Givepulse offers flexible event management tools that can be used in a variety of applications: create and promote volunteer events, ticketed events, or celebrations where you can track registration and collect information from participants. 

Learn how to: 

Coordinate service-learning and other projects with campus and community partners

Because Givepulse is publicly accessible to campus and community users, external partners can have direct access to students, staff and faculty for easy joint-coordination of student interns, work study placements, or volunteers, class-based service-learning projects, or co-curricular events. Regional partners can also specifically affiliate with the regional campus in their community to share targeted opportunities. 

Faculty interested in adding community-engaged components to a course can utilize Givepulse’s integration with Blackboard to seamlessly move students from the Blackboard Course into the synced course within the Givepulse platform.  

This enables instructors to: 

  • Directly promote specific opportunities listed on Givepulse that would fulfill course requirements to their students  
  • Build service-learning events allowing students to register for various shifts or activities  
  • Enable their community partner access to post opportunities and verify or assess student participation via the desktop platform or on-site using Givepulse’s mobile app 
  • Utilize a message board to communicate with students and partners 
  • Collect, record, and report student outcomes, impacts and artifacts

Manage fundraisers

Community organizations can also use Givepulse to facilitate fundraisers! There are tools to collect donations, conduct peer-to-peer fundraising efforts, and track in-kind donations as well. 

Learn more about Fundraising and Donor Management.

Collect data

Data collection and management within Givepulse is incredibly customizable, enabling organizations or campus units to track and record metrics beyond volunteer hours and reflections to gather specific outcomes data by building in questions to registration forms and evaluations, which are automatically sent to all participants.


GivePulse may not be fully accessible to some individuals with a disability. If you experience a disability related barrier and need help navigating GivePulse please contact the CCCE at communityengagement@ohio.edu or 740-597-1206