Ohio University

Community-Engaged Courses

Curricular Community Engagement  

Community Engagement in curriculum is practiced through service learning, a pedagogical framework. Service learning at OHIO is structured experiential education linked to a course that intentionally supports student learning and community-based organizations equally. The CCCE has been instrumental in the development of Community Engagement Courses (C-Courses). For a service learning course to be designated as a C-Course, it must meet the following criteria: 

  • Based on collaboration and mutual benefit for faculty and community organizations 

  • Serves the common good 

  • Has service embedded in the course curriculum

  • Requires at least 20 hours of structured, intentional work on a service project 

  • Requires reflections that link experience to academic material 

Faculty Resources 


How to develop a C-Course: 

Faculty interested in developing a C-Course are strongly encouraged to participate in the Community Engaged Scholars Program, a professional development program.

To submit a community engaged course for approval as a C-Course, faculty must fill out the Service-Learning C-Course Planning Form

It is strongly recommended to meet with the CCCE Faculty Fellow prior to submission in order to increase the success of your course proposal. After completely filling out the form and adding your syllabus, please email it to the CCCE, at communityengagement@ohio.edu or Faculty Fellow Dr. Mike Kopish at kopish@ohio.edu.

C-Course proposals are reviewed each semester by the CCCE's C-Course Subcommittee. When approved, you will be issued an endorsement letter that can be uploaded into OCEAN. 

C-Course Mini-Grants: 

Designated C-Courses are eligible for mini-grants to reduce barriers related to community engagement. C-Course Mini-Grant Applications are available online. Applications are due April 15 for Summer Session and Fall Semester and November 15 for Spring Semester. Mini-Grants are renewable.