Faculty Resources

The CCCE can connect faculty with local experts, organizations, and agencies in the field to boost connection, create context, and inspire creativity in the academic environment. Local experts may be able to serve as guest speakers, provide field-based experiences, co-design field trips, or partner through community-based research. Contact us directly to find out more about the variety of resources and opportunities available to Ohio University faculty on all campuses.

The Center provides:

  • faculty training sessions
  • networking and relationship building with community organizations
  • peer-to-peer service learning mentoring
  • funding to implement service learning curriculum

Community Engagement Class Designation

Service learning at OHIO is structured experiential education linked to a course that intentionally supports student learning and community-based organizations equally. The CCCE has been instrumental in the development of Community Engagement courses (C courses). For a service learning class to be designated as a C-Course, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Is based on collaboration and mutual benefit for faculty and community organizations
  • Serves the common good
  • Has service embedded in the course curriculum
  • Requires at least 20 hours of structured, intentional work on a service project
  • Requires reflections that link experience to academic material

After completely filling out the form and adding your syllabus, please email it to the CCCE, at communityengagement@ohio.edu. Your service-learning C-Class will be reviewed by the CCCE's SL Sub-committee. When approved, you will be issued an endorsement letter that can be uploaded into OCEAN.Faculty interested in submitting a Service Learning Course for approval as a Community Engagement C Class, must fill out the service-learning Course Planning Form (coming soon).

If you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact the CCCE at communityengagement@ohio.edu.

Visit our Events and Trainings page for information on upcoming workshops, trainings, and events!

Resource Library

Access our Community Engagement resource guide at University Libraries for key organizations and scholarly articles.

Access Campus Compact, the nation’s higher education association dedicated to campus-based civic engagement, for a wealth of information and resources including program models, sample syllabi and assessment tools.

Below is a collection of materials (coming soon) including practical resources for integrating service learning into a course curriculum, service project examples, and best practices for building community-university partnerships.

  • Global Health and Service Learning
  • Service Learning: Practical Resources for Faculty and Instructors
  • Service Learning: Reflection
  • Service Learning: Service Project Ideas
  • Service Learning: Community-University Partnerships
  • Service Learning: Pedagogy