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Chris R. Moberg, DBA, MBA, BBA

Areas of Expertise:
Business Ethics, Logistics, Marketing, Marketing Education, Professional Training & Development, Sales Effectiveness, Service Marketing, Supply Chain Management

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Dr. Chris Moberg is an expert on logistics and supply chain management, a passion he discovered early on in college. He believes supply chain management is a hidden part of marketing, and is working to increase awareness of the profession through networking, teaching, developing certificate programs, webinars and books.

Moberg said this is a poorly understood area, and works to show others the opportunities of such a career. He cites:

  • 100,000 currently unfilled logistics jobs in the United States.
  • A 20 percent growth rate in logistics jobs in the U.S. over the next 20 years.
  • Logistics such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, etc., make up $1.4 trillion in the U.S. economy, which is equivalent to 8-10 percent of the nation’s economy.

“We need people that are college-educated with technology skills, analytical skills, and problem solving skills to lead and manage projects,” he says.

Moberg devotes a significant amount of volunteer time to supply chain management through extracurricular work. He has volunteered with Council Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), a premier 10,000-member trade association, for 11 years. Five of those years he served on the board of directors. CSCMP members include practitioners, educators, and researchers. Moberg trains future logistics and supply chain professionals, supports college students majoring in the area, and speaks at conferences.

“I have volunteered for hundreds of hours,” he says. “I donate my time so that I can better support other supply chain teachers and professionals.”

Seeing the supply chain management as a growing area, Moberg and his CSCMP team are currently working with students at community colleges, in order to better develop their need to be successful. Thanks to a $26 million grant from the Department of Labor, CSCMP now has the opportunity to develop certificate programs for community colleges so that students can train in different areas of logistics and supply chain management. Moberg led the committee developing the certificate, a three-year initiative.

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